Is there any advantage in washing your face with soap? What should we pay attention to when using

soap is also called soap in many places. Many people call it soap. Soap can be divided into weak acidity and weak alkalinity in nature. Weak acidity sounds very mild to the skin. Many people are confused by these words and choose soap. How about washing your face with soap ? You will know after reading this article.

It is often said that, “You must wash your face with soap. As long as soap remains on your skin, your skin will be alkaline and gradually become rough. When we wash our face with soap, we usually wash them away. Therefore, washing your face with soap will make your skin alkaline. Only when fat soap stays on your face for a period of time will the alkalinity be neutralized after washing. In addition, there is another factor called the original stability of skin, which can effectively maintain Hold the natural state of the skin. Even if washed with clean water, the skin will naturally recover from alkaline to weak acidic. Ordinary soap can also help you clean your skin. We don’t need to worry that the alkaline state of soap will damage your skin. Even if weak alkaline soap is used for normal skin, it can maintain the luster of skin. However, weak acid soap must be used for allergic skin. As the skin resistance of this kind of people decreases, it can’t rely on its own strength to change from alkaline to weak acidic, so using weak acid soap is their best choice. Normal skin does not need weak acid soap.

The advantage of washing face with soap is that washing face with soap every morning and evening can effectively remove blackheads. After moistening your face, evenly wipe it with soap, and gently wipe the blackheads with your fingers for a few minutes. Gently, remember to grasp it gently with your fingers, so that there will be fewer blackheads every day. It is worth reminding everyone to remember to adhere to every day. Only in this way can we see the effect!. The second advantage of soap facial washing is to persist in washing your face with soap every day to treat acne atresia. Student mm and worker mm haven’t slept enough for a long time, so they can try

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