Refrigerator deodorization tips, 8 tips easy and quick

The refrigerator is an essential electrical appliance for every household. It is filled with all kinds of fruits, vegetables and cooked food… But if there are too many things, a bad smell will be generated after the taste is mixed. So, how to remove the odor from the refrigerator?

The use frequency of the refrigerator is high, and more things are stuffed into it. The refrigerator naturally produces a peculiar smell! Today, let’s learn about the wonderful ways to remove the odor in the refrigerator.

image 42 - Refrigerator deodorization tips, 8 tips easy and quick

1. Deodorize with grapefruit

Peel the fresh grapefruit, divide the skin into small pieces, and put it into the refrigerator in layers. The effect is better with the deodorant in the refrigerator. The refrigerator has no odor after being closed for about one day. In addition, there is a faint aroma of grapefruit. This method saves time, effort and money, so that you can deodorize the refrigerator while enjoying the fruit~

After putting in the grapefruit peel, remember to power on the refrigerator, so that the refrigerator will automatically ventilate and exhaust the odor. Break off the peeled grapefruit skin slightly to make the smell emit faster.

2. Roll paper

Put ordinary roll paper into each compartment of the refrigerator. The roll paper will absorb the taste. The roll paper needs to be changed every six months. This method is very effective and convenient.

3. Tea

Put the tea in a cloth bag and put it in each compartment of the refrigerator. Change it once a month. The tea used in the refrigerator can be used after being dried in the sun. This method is economical and applicable.

4. Orange / orange peel

Put the orange / orange peel on each compartment of the refrigerator. The effect of eliminating the odor of the refrigerator is very good, which is similar to that of grapefruit. It needs to be replaced once a week. If it is a dried orange peel, it can be replaced once every two to three weeks.

5. Frequently Scrub

Every two or three days, I have a cloth to clean the refrigerator and keep it clean, but there is no odor in the refrigerator and it is clean and comfortable.

image 43 - Refrigerator deodorization tips, 8 tips easy and quick

6. Towel or cotton cloth

Place a pure cotton towel or cotton cloth on each compartment of the refrigerator to absorb the odor in the refrigerator. Take it out every week to clean and dry it and put it into the refrigerator.

7. Lemon slices

The deodorization effect of dry lemon slices may not be ideal, and it is best to use fresh lemon slices. Buy the lemon, cut it into pieces, and put some on the upper and lower layers. It can have a good deodorization effect.

8. Baking soda

Mix some warm water with baking soda to become a simple and effective cleaner. Soak it with a rag and dry it to wipe the refrigerator once. Not only can the whole refrigerator be easily cleaned, but also the odor can be effectively removed.

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