How can the movement of thin shoulder back effectively thin shoulder back

Many people like to sleep on the bed after dinner, play with their mobile phones or watch TV. However, it is the easiest to get fat, especially the shoulder and back are easy to accumulate fat. So how to thin the shoulder and back? I suggest you do the following 5 sports frequently.

Fork your waist and shake your arms

Keep your legs open at the same width as your shoulders, keep your body upright and your hands on your hips, and let your arms shake forward or backward. Keep practicing for more than 20 minutes every day. You can stop only when your hands and back feel sore. Such exercise can fully exercise the muscles of the back and shoulders, and at the same time make the muscles more compact and reduce the back fat, so as to achieve the effect of beautifying the back.

chest-expanding exercise

It is hoped that everyone can do chest expansion exercise whenever they have time in their daily life. Pay attention to adjusting the breathing rhythm when doing it. To achieve the effect of burning fat, you must feel the warmth of the back and shoulder muscles.

image 70 - How can the movement of thin shoulder back effectively thin shoulder back

Stand against the wall

Stand naturally with your back against the wall. Keep the back of your head and heels close to the wall. At the same time, keep your neck relaxed and try to straighten your lines.

Vertical push up

Place your hands against the wall, lean forward and stand with your arms parallel to the ground. Keep your back taut, then tighten your abdominal muscles, slowly press down your body height, keep it at a low position for 10 seconds, and finally slowly return your body to its original position. You can do 15 vertical push ups every day, keep practicing, and have beautiful shoulder and neck lines.

Dumbbell exercise

Press the mouth of the tiger between the thumb and the index finger against the dumbbell, grasp the dumbbell with the palm toward the inner side of the body, and then push it upward repeatedly. Exhale when lifting the dumbbell and inhale when putting it down. Pay attention not to use the force of the wrist or bend the wrist when pushing. If you think 1kg is too light, you can also choose 2kg dumbbells.

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