10 details teach you to see through the lecherous men in the workplace

detail 1: let women sit in the back seat when driving

A man with a car will always let others ride in his own car. Of course, a female colleague may make him more relaxed and happy. Our usual judgment is that he wants all the people in his car to sit on the co driver’s seat, so that it is convenient to communicate along the way and has a feeling of “fellow passengers”. However, if a really desirable female colleague takes his car, he will want this female colleague to sit in the back seat of the car. First of all, he can appreciate women without hesitation through the rear-view mirror. If he meets a woman with an open mind and body, the man will achieve two things at one stroke. He may stop at a “favorable terrain” and naturally open the rear door.

detail 2: organize dinner with colleagues during festivals

There are all kinds of festivals every year, so there will be such men in the office. They always make great efforts to organize a collective dinner. On the surface, it seems that everyone gets together to have a good time. In fact, men want to find the passion of the opposite sex that they can’t feel in their normal work through this kind of party. At this time, men will use the most moves to shout and drink with female colleagues. Women who do not know the truth still think that male colleagues are so enthusiastic at this time. In fact, they just wait for women to drink to a certain extent and throw themselves into their arms.

detail 3: call female colleagues to play mahjong together

Nowadays, mahjong has also become a social tool. It is not just for entertainment or gambling. Office staff often play mahjong together during breaks. At this time, men will definitely think of their female colleagues. They usually have no chance to show them well in the unit, so they can have no worries on the mahjong table. So men will stage a scene of stepping on the feet of female colleagues under the mahjong table, which is tacit to women. If a woman puts her feet on a man’s feet at the same time, the plot after a man’s mahjong plan will be more exciting. In Mahjong’s professional terminology, it is “and”.

detail 4: hang up QQ on the computer all day

If you pay attention to men’s office computers carelessly, you will find that many people’s QQ numbers are also hung on them. Such men may not like a female colleague in the office, and they are at a time when there is no place to place their hearts, so they choose this most modern way. However, the office can’t talk, let alone video, so such a man must be cautious everywhere, but he still worries about the gains and losses of beautiful women.

detail 5: staring at a woman by the window glass

Men seldom look at their female colleagues face to face when they have no business, but this does not mean that they are “serious”. For women in the same office, men usually use the most convenient method, that is, to observe women on the window glass of the room. The copy in hand may still be finished, but my mind is a little confused, so my eyes rush to the window with a calm air. It seems to relieve visual fatigue. In fact, the man is watching the woman in the glass carefully. This kind of man is more cautious and often methodical.

detail 6: pour tea to the female colleagues at the opposite table

In the office, two people often sit opposite each other. If they are of the same sex, men generally do not have any special actions. However, once they become women, men always choose to pour tea for their female colleagues before drinking water for themselves. On the surface, there seems to be no criticism. In fact, this cup of tea is by no means accidental. Such a man is usually full of fantasy. When he pours tea for his female colleagues, his heart has long been unimaginable. They want to smell the perfume on women through this action of pouring water, and then calm down in fantasy.

detail 7: take the lead in buying boxed lunch for female colleagues at noon

Sometimes I’m tired of the food in the canteen, and the office often changes its taste. So when noon comes, there are men who are diligent in their legs and feet. They will quickly buy lunch boxes for the women in the same office, and hand them to people in person, and even put the chopsticks in order. This kind of man is generally more scheming. What they care about is long-term planning. Once a woman faces a marriage crisis or is abandoned by her husband, she will immediately think of the man who is good at caring for women and their meticulous care. Xu: it’s because a box of lunch with five or six yuan in the past may one day lead to their unexpected affair.

detail 8: take female colleagues with you on business trip

There are two situations when you take your female colleagues on business trip: one is that you the final say, and you can choose any female colleague to accompany you. It is estimated that such a man is a small leader; The other is the leader appointed. Either way, it’s a wonderful job for a man to go out with a woman. Such men usually choose a warm hotel when they finish their business, making two people like lovers on a date, giving women a feeling of “true love in a foreign land”. Especially those women with fragile feelings can’t stand the affectionate eyes of men, so men will easily stage a “love story on the journey”.

detail 9: solemnly comb your hair in front of the mirror

There is a dressing mirror in the office. In fact, many people think that this mirror must be the one that women look at the most. In fact, this is not the case. According to relevant statistics, men spend more time in front of the mirror than women, especially middle-aged men, who mostly tidy up their hair in front of the mirror. Because a man’s hair represents a man’s energy, those middle-aged men who lose their hair are more worried about their image in front of female colleagues. Although this kind of man naturally combs his hair in spite of his emotions, he is actually maintaining the sexuality that he will lose, so that women can like him.

detail 10: store wet wipes in your bag

There is a kind of man who will thoughtfully take out a package of wet wipes in the social occasions with women. Such men are smarter, because if they take out a bag of condoms, they will be ugly, but wet wipes will not. Men tell women by this means that they can sleep with you at any time, even if there is no bathroom in the room. This wet towel can also be considered as more sanitary. This kind of man knows how to “take precautions and seize favorable opportunities”

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