Workplace ol: there are no men you can’t catch up with

Introduction: overtime is more important than appointment. Nothing can change men’s work attitude and values, and the same can be said of high paid women. Never become one of the other party’s choices. When this happens, he will be one of the choices immediately. For white-collar women in the workplace, such a game is fair enough.

In the list of things that make women happy in the world, high salary must be at the top. But can it be arranged before love? The first reaction of many women is that they can’t. On reflection, of course, it’s best to have everything, but if I have to choose between high salary and love, I’d rather choose high salary – because the master of money is often the maker of the rules of the love game.

there is no man you can’t catch.

This was often said by men in the past: there is no woman you can’t catch.

I have already made a vase. After working so hard for so long, I finally got the direction I could control. How can I give up when I am so wantonly happy? Therefore, most high-paid women die to make vases, or find an honest man, or a fancy man. Other people’s comments are no longer important, just be happy.

Say no to a man when you need it, turn around and leave when you don’t like it, and buy a gift for a man to show your love.

Choose the way you live, dress, talk, and look calmly to be responsible and pay for yourself. Men don’t need to feel ashamed, because women with high salaries don’t think in that direction at all.

I am the controller.

The man said, “you are really a hard woman to control.”. The high paid woman smiled and said nothing, but answered in her heart: I am the controller.

Overtime is more important than appointment. Nothing can change men’s work attitude and values, and the same can be said of high paid women. Never become one of the other party’s choices. When this happens, it is fair to take him as one of the choices immediately.

refuse to disclose more

Men will become obedient when they can’t share information, and they won’t reduce their interest because they regard women as something in their pockets.

When jealous, keep calm on the surface. Because smart hot women should understand that men are often interested in other women, which is just a habit of them.

Women also need to prove to themselves that they are still attractive to other men. Don’t feel sorry for this. Men always do this as if they don’t have girlfriends at all. In fact, the truth is that making new friends can help us maintain the need for the old relationship and help you re-examine it.

high paid women are the trump card to attract men

Making money is an ability. There are no women who can earn a high salary in the office. A woman who can strike sparks in conversations with men at any time will certainly impress men. Believe me, beautiful women may not have this destructive power.

Old school women often can’t forget a 2-year relationship in 20 years, while men can forget it in 2 days. High paid women can compromise, 20 days.

“busy” charm

A woman with a high salary must be busy. He has no time to brood over a trivial matter with a man. He will not make eight calls a day to ask where the other party is and what he is doing. In the eyes of men, communication with them is simpler, more direct and more effective. Many men who have been in contact with high paid women are used to this: they are not so annoying.

“initiative” becomes an art

When a 30-year-old woman pursues a man, she is not as shy or obsessed as she was when she was 20 years old. A simple look and an ambiguous pun can try to find out the other party’s mind. Will it be interesting to actively pursue your love? OK, let’s go on; Not interesting? It doesn’t matter. We are still friends.

there is only love in love

A high paid woman can have the strength to relax her demands on the other party’s money, status and strength after she is emotional. Like most successful men, they love only for “love”.

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