Love talk: love can’t be paid too much

“Shall we go to the last hotel again? I heard that the decoration of each room is different.” One time, Yue Ping “accidentally” saw a record of her boyfriend talking to other girls on MSN. The ambiguous content completely stunned her. Although she was angry, she temporarily calmed down and did not have an attack. When her boyfriend left the computer, she continued to pursue.

My boyfriend is good at saving all my memories. He even saved all the conversation records in the past. The more Yue Ping checked, the more outrageous she felt: her boyfriend had a very close conversation with many women, and more than three women had discussed “going to the hotel” with him. Yue Ping can’t stand it anymore. She angrily asks her boyfriend, but his boyfriend not only doesn’t have a repentant expression, but is even angrier than her. She scolds her: “why should I violate my privacy? Why should I steal my call records? I hate women who don’t respect others!”

After a big quarrel, Yue Ping broke up with her boyfriend. Things have changed, and she still thinks deeply: “is it more immoral for him to have misdeeds than for me to violate his privacy? If I didn’t peek at his MSN, how could I know that he was such a bad man?”

In my observation, men who dare to get angry after being caught are the dominant ones in a relationship. He doesn’t care about breaking up, he doesn’t care about each other, so he’s still angry after doing something wrong.

People who are in a strong position in their feelings often act like “determined” to the other party. I once had a male friend who kept explaining to everyone the reason for his divorce from his wife. The reason was that his wife was so hateful that she even installed a bug on his home phone to listen to his conversation. He could not bear it any longer and decided to divorce.

For this reason, all his friends sympathized with his bondage in marriage. After some time, I met his ex-wife and found that he didn’t tell the truth: the reason why his ex-wife installed a bug at home was that he often disappeared for days and nights and didn’t come home. When he came home, he would only rant to his wife, saying that he was busy with business. What do women know? Don’t be wordy! After his ex-wife installed a bug, he did record the contents of his ambiguous call with a strange woman.

He didn’t care about her feelings at all, and she still gave me color. However, even if evidence is caught, it is only to ask for more chips for her to win custody of her son when they break up. He, still the strong man in this marriage, did not apologize to her for his behavior at all, but simply became angry and accused her of immorality! I said to the ex-wife: when he makes a mistake, he can still look ferocious, which means that he is spoiled by you. I am sure you will be soft hearted, and I am not afraid that you will turn against him!

The party who has been determined does have a weakness in others’ hands, which is “paying too much”. You can love a person wholeheartedly, but don’t let him think that no matter how he steps on you, kicks you, or bullies you, you will not go, just because you can’t live without him! The art of love is to let him understand your importance, not “you don’t want anything except him”.

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