How to soak lemonade to achieve whitening effect? These five points should be paid attention to when soaking lemonade to whiten

In life, lemon is a very common fruit, but few people will eat it directly. Most people will soak lemon in water, which is rich in nutrition and medicinal value.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which can eliminate skin pigment and achieve whitening effect.

So how to make lemonade? Experts remind us to pay attention to the following points to make better use of the whitening effect of lemon! 1. It is best to choose fresh lemon with skin. Fresh lemon has a strong fragrance, while dry lemon has a certain loss of aroma components and vitamin C.

Fresh lemon must be peeled and sliced, and remember to be thin.

2. Lemon water must be light. If you use lemonade instead of boiled water to quench your thirst, you must be light when soaking in water.

A large piece of lemon with skin can be soaked in 1 liter of water, and 3-4 small cups can be poured. Generally, it can be brewed 2-3 times. When there is no lemon taste, it can be replaced with a new one.

The lemonade thus brewed is not sour and astringent, and it is more fragrant. It can be drunk without sugar or honey, and the energy contained is almost negligible.

If you put more lemon slices, you need to add sugar or honey to balance the sour taste.

3. The water temperature of 60-70 ℃ is the most suitable for soaking lemons. The water is too cold, and the fragrance is not easy to bubble out; If soaked in boiling water, more bitter substances will be dissolved, such as hesperidin.

Therefore, the water temperature of soaking lemon is generally 60-70 ℃.

Some people worry that too high water temperature will lead to the loss of vitamin C. in fact, lemon is more acidic, and vitamin C has better heat resistance under acidic conditions, so it is not so easy to lose.

4. Sealed storage can prolong the storage of lemon fruit, which is quite good.

The problem with lemon for a long time is that the surface becomes dry, but it can still be used after drying, and the inside is still juicy. It’s OK to keep it for a month.

Apply some honey to the cut of the lemon to keep water, then wrap it with cling film, and put it in the cling box for two or three days.

Dried lemon can also be used to make water, but because the aroma of the skin has been lost, vitamin C has also been lost. The fragrance of lemon water will be discounted, but it can still be used to make lemon tea, which can provide some citric acid and potassium elements.

5. What is healthier to drink with lemonade? Lemonade with sugar or honey is better to drink, but light sweet lemonade contains about 5% sugar. A cup (200g) of sugar and honey contains 40 kcal of energy. If you drink two cups, it is equivalent to eating 1 / 4 bowl of rice, so those who need to control their weight should limit it.

In addition, people with excessive gastric acid can drink it by soaking lemonade as light as possible, because a small amount of citric acid is conducive to the repair of gastric mucosa.

For indigestion, adding a thin slice of ginger to light lemonade with meals is also good for promoting digestive secretion.

Unsweetened light lemonade has no sodium and almost no energy, but contains potassium, a small amount of vitamin C and a small amount of flavonoids. It is very suitable for daily drinking by chronic patients such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and gout.

Lemonade not only tastes good, but also has rich nutritional value. It can help female friends drink white skin easily and have a beautiful face.

In fact, whitening is very simple. You don’t have to choose good skin care products. In fact, many natural fruits and vegetables in life have whitening and skin care effects. We should learn to choose and master scientific methods!

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