How to remove the acne marks on the face? How to remove the acne marks on the face

How to remove the acne marks on the face? What are the methods of removing acne marks? Acne marks are usually produced after the wrong removal of acne. The appearance of these acne marks will also make the original shiny skin lose color and appear some potholes. Let’s recommend several ways to remove acne marks.

How to remove the acne marks on the face

Laser acne removal

Laser acne removing printing is a non-invasive skin medical technology. Its comprehensive effect can improve skin quality and solve skin problems from the basal layer. When laser acne removing, it uses specific broad-spectrum strong pulse light to act on skin tissue, generating photothermal and photochemical effects, so that deep collagen fibers and elastic fibers rearrange and restore elasticity. At the same time, the function of vascular tissue is enhanced and the circulation is improved.

Laser pockmarking uses minimally invasive repair technology to effectively repair pockmarks, so that the skin returns to a delicate, soft and greasy state and is no longer pockmarked. Besides repairing pockmarks, laser can also stimulate collagen cells and fibroblasts in subcutaneous tissues to make your skin more elastic.

Photo rejuvenation to remove acne marks

Photorejuvenation can remove acne marks, and the effect is relatively good; The main reason for photorejuvenation to remove acne marks is that it uses non-invasive treatment methods, so there is no harm to the surface of our skin. Photorejuvenation applies unique photothermal treatment technology, and photothermal energy effectively kills Propionibacterium acnes. Its greatest advantage is that it takes effect quickly and has no side effects. You can get rid of acne quickly without any medicine. Quickly kill Propionibacterium acnes in the skin, so that normal skin tissues will not be damaged and scars will not be left. It can eliminate the disease without any damage to the skin, and the treatment process is simple. After treatment, patients can wash their faces and make up immediately without affecting their normal work.

Laser dermabrasion and acne removal

Laser dermabrasion and acne removal marks are suitable for deep pits. Dermabrasion can be performed according to the depth of the skin pits. As long as 2-3 times, it can have good results, and the effect is more lasting. For injection filling acne removal marks, you can choose filling surgery. The injection of implants (such as collagen) makes the concave part bulge, so as to be flat with the surrounding skin tissue.

Pulse light acne removing printing

The pulse light acne removing method is to stimulate the proliferation of fibroblasts, thicken the dermis and smooth the pits. At the same time, because the pulse light can stimulate the proliferation of collagen, this method has certain effects on red acne marks and newly generated shallow pits.

Pixel laser acne removing printing

Pixel laser is a very good choice for patients at present. Pixel laser is often applied to the treatment of chloasma, pigmentation, large pores, small wrinkles, superficial scars and superficial acne scars, especially for acne scars. It can further reduce excessive thermal damage that may occur during laser treatment, reduce side effects, and improve the safety of laser treatment.

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