What are the advantages of playing badminton

1. What are the advantages of playing badminton? It can relax muscles and promote blood circulation

Like basketball, tennis and table tennis, badminton is a sport with strong physical strength, with technology accounting for 40% and physical strength accounting for 60%. Even in cold weather, the whole body will sweat after a ball is played, and it is even worse in spring and autumn. It plays a role in adjusting and balancing the body, promoting new metabolism, preventing cardiovascular diseases and strengthening the body.

2. What are the advantages of playing badminton? Detoxifying and beautifying

Comrades who have been playing badminton for a long time are less fat, walk easily, and become younger. Sweating every day will expel toxins from the body, make your urine and urine unobstructed, make you sweat all over the body, and excrete toxins. It is very beneficial to the spleen to prevent gout.

3. What are the advantages of playing badminton for treating cervical spondylosis

To participate in badminton, you should coordinate your movements with your hands and shoulders, pull the ball desperately, lift your head and move your shoulders. If you persist in playing for more than an hour every day, it is difficult to form hyperosteogeny. Therefore, cervical spondylosis and peri shoulder disease are difficult to develop.

4. What are the advantages of playing badminton? It makes people see clearly and have quick hands

Playing badminton can make people see clearly and have quick hands. Many people know this advantage, because in the process of playing badminton, the hands should move constantly according to the ball, and the eyes should closely follow the object. After the exercise, the blood circulation speed of eye tissues will be accelerated in a short time, and the hand muscles will also be trained. If you exercise for a long time, it will help to improve your sensitivity and the reaction speed of your eyes.

5. What are the advantages of playing badminton? It promotes fat decomposition

If you sit for a long time, eat a lot of food, and don’t exercise, your body fat will continue to increase. But if you play badminton regularly, you can increase the exercise of all muscles, so as to promote the decomposition of body fat and achieve the goal of losing weight. If mm wants to lose weight, playing badminton is a good way, both healthy and effective.

6. What are the advantages of playing badminton? It can improve the heart and lung function

During exercise, the blood flow speed will increase, and the heart rate will also increase. If it is a medium intensity badminton sport, the heart rate is between 140-150 times per minute; If it is high-intensity, the heart rate is between 160-180 beats per minute. For a long time, people’s cardiopulmonary function will be improved.

What is the right way to play badminton

1. Preparation posture: the preparation posture for the reception of singles is “subject to the right hand grip”. Usually, the left foot is in the front, the right foot is in the back, the side is facing the net, the center of gravity is on the front foot, the knee joint is bent, the rear heel is slightly raised, and the abdomen is closed.

2. Standing position: stand at a certain distance from the service line, about 1.5m.

3. Service: both sides shall not delay the service with improper reasons and actions, and shall not step on the line. Both feet must contact the ground and be fixed in a fixed position.

What are the precautions for playing badminton

1. Reduce the tension of feather string

The looser string can provide greater thread bed effect, and can hit faster and more powerful balls, while transmitting less vibration.

2. Choose a beat shape with a larger sweet spot

Choose a bat shape with a larger sweet area. The so-called sweet area is the best hitting area of the racket surface. When the hitting point is in the sweet area, it can give you enough hitting power, ball control and little vibration, and you will feel very comfortable. The sweet area of the racket is large, and it is not easy to hit the non sweet area when hitting the ball. There is less chance of vibration and injury.

3. Check the size of the handle

If the grip of the racket is too small, when the ball does not hit the sweet area, the torsion of the racket will be greater, and the greater the damage to the arm. If the grip is too large, the palm can not hold the racket firmly, and it is easy to be tired. The appropriate size is that there is a gap of about 5-8mm between the ring finger and the big fish muscle when holding the racket with the forehand.

4. Check the hardness of the racket

A racket with a hard racket rod requires players to send out more force when hitting the ball, which makes the arm more prone to fatigue and injury. A racket with a small stick hardness can hit powerful balls without too much force, reducing arm fatigue.

5. Pay attention to the hitting posture

Incorrect hitting posture is an important cause of injury. For example, the hitting point is too low, and the side is not enough when hitting the ball. Ask more experts around you to correct your mistakes.

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