The advantages of playing golf

1. The advantage of playing golf is to improve memory

Now, many parents take their children to golf courses in the suburbs to practice on weekends. Children’s full aerobic breathing on the court is very helpful for improving memory. At the same time, the golf course is a relatively elegant and high-end playground, and parents will not worry about their children making bad friends on the course.

2. One of the advantages of playing golf is to slim down and shape

For women who love beauty, golf is a powerful weapon to beat waist and abdominal fat, which is especially effective for beginners who are fat. By analyzing Golf movements, it can be found that golf hitting movements are the whole body movements. It drives the upper limbs to hit the ball through the waist. It is a complete set of movements integrating coordination, strength and explosive power.

3. The benefits of playing golf: relaxing

Golf should be played on the grass full of fresh air and sunshine. Although the exercise is not intense, the environment is fresh and the vision is wide, which can help regulate emotions and release pressure.

4. The advantage of playing golf is self-cultivation

I’m afraid of being impatient when I play golf. I can’t play well if I’m impatient. So if you are irritable and impatient, you can play more golf and hone your temper. Over time, you will be calm and steady.

5. The advantage of playing golf is to strengthen your health

Walking through 18 holes is equivalent to 40% – 70% intensity of intense aerobic exercise and 45 minutes of fitness training. Research by cardiologists has found that walking and playing ball can effectively reduce bad cholesterol and maintain good cholesterol. So playing golf is very helpful to exercise and strengthen your physique.

6. The advantage of playing golf is to cultivate one’s sentiment

Golf is very courteous. There are many rules on the court, such as don’t talk when others serve, don’t dress casually, pay attention to mutual courtesy on the court, and observe the rules of the court. More contact with these etiquette can also cultivate emotional exercises.

What taboos should we pay attention to when playing golf

1. No lateness

In golf rules, the penalty for being late is disqualification! Many people disapprove of this and think what’s wrong with being a few minutes late? Not much. For others, you have delayed the kick-off time of others. For yourself, you may face the danger of cancelling your reservation.

2. Improper dress

The taboo women’s dress for golf can be fashionable. The top can be sleeveless, but it should have a collar. Don’t wear short shorts or short skirts, especially don’t wear a suspender shirt or one-piece skirt. The course is not a show, and being too exposed will hurt the elegance, and it is easy to be sunburned.

3. Do not understand the basic rules and etiquette

If you don’t understand the rules and act recklessly, such as interfering with others’ playing, trampling on others’ pushing routes, and not abiding by the rule of “the farthest one plays first”, people will be bored. Therefore, before or during the first game, you must ask others what rules they should pay attention to and what is more appropriate to do, so as not to offend others and keep them in the dark.

Golf skills

1. Center of gravity transfer (center of gravity)

If you want to get a long distance and a consistent shot, you must have a correct center of gravity transfer. Imagine that a wooden rod is vertically inserted into the ground when the ball is at rest.

You should achieve such a goal: when you start the stroke, your shoulder is on the back side of the ball and the wooden club. Of course, your hip can’t swing. This can ensure the correct posture of the backswing. When sending the shot, the right shoulder moves to the other side of the ball and passes through the imaginary wooden rod.

When you can do this correctly, you can not only turn your shoulders fully, but also transfer your weight well.

2. Baseball player (center of gravity shift)

A good swing must rely on a positive center of gravity transfer. You must be aggressive, but you must be well controlled.

Some people’s right foot is too rigid to complete a full center of gravity transfer, resulting in many typical mistakes that should not occur. Try to position the ball well, stand in the normal aiming position, then pull your left foot back and lift it up so that your feet are 6 inches apart. Use the normal backward swing. When you start the downswing, your left foot steps forward, as if you were a “home run” player throwing the ball.

In order to hit the ball steadily, you need to slow down your swing a little.

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