The fatal wound of Chinese women’s love

I. Chinese women don’t know how to love themselves

For a class that has been missing for thousands of years, it is supposed to be very difficult for Chinese women to make up for it in 100 years, but because the results of this class have a great impact on happiness, only 60 points is far from enough.

Beautiful clothes, fancy accessories, cosmetic surgery, spa… Of course, the above are all clear evidence that contemporary Chinese women love themselves more and more, but it is true that their filling effect in empty eyes is too short.

In fact, the root of Chinese women’s unhappiness is that we seldom take ourselves as the main body of the world. When we encounter problems, our first reaction is always “what will others think” – the simplest example is to see how much Chinese women spend on “underwear” and “outerwear”.

Don’t be confused by the “self” of some women who seem to raise eyebrows today. For a thing that more than three people around oppose, no matter how much she believes and yearns for, she often suddenly has doubts.

Of course, this comes from the education we received when we were young: “the so-called lady is to put her sense of responsibility for others above her right to be a human being.” or even more annoying is that when this generation of Chinese women grow up, they have heard the truth that “the skin does not exist, and how can Mao adhere to it”. Therefore, we often tear our soul and body apart with our own hands in a sudden smile.

II. Chinese women believe in love

Love is an everlasting flower in the hearts of women all over the world – in the United States, the best-selling women’s books on the market all start with how to: how to attract men’s attention in three minutes, how to give them a night they will never forget, how to keep him forever

A very exciting and interesting game. However, in Chinese women, love has become a cause of sitting upright, and its importance even exceeds living itself.

Personally, I think Qiongyao’s grandmother and her running dogs have done great harm to this. Or she has won the jackpot in her life, but she can’t beat her chest and conclude that “as long as you like, you can win the jackpot every day”.

Therefore, the Chinese women who are infinitely happy do not hoe the ground, play the computer, walk the dog, and their parents do not go home to watch. They are in a trance and behave strangely all day long, and they can’t wait for the lottery tickets to fall down from the sky, and they will have to win the jackpot.

It’s easy to find that the above behavior is as foolish as waiting for a rabbit. He fell into the rotten mire of “why can’t I find a rich man who loves me & I love” and couldn’t extricate himself like grass. Of course, it’s best, no, it’s necessary to add the “happy sex life” – it’s not self humiliating to put dogs, cats and mice in a cage and let them thrive?

III. Chinese women are too afraid of aging

Of course, no woman is afraid of being old:

A: My sister and I are 60 years old.

B: Oh, can you rest assured of leaving your little sister at home alone?

This joke does not come from China, but in the 21st century, few ethnic groups are more afraid of the old than Chinese women.

In recent years, the products of major cosmetic brands in the world have added Chinese descriptions one after another, because the sales volume of the Chinese market is overtaking Japan and becoming the first in Asia — or the salary of Chinese women is only 8000 yuan / month, but this does not prevent us from buying a bottle of face cream worth more than 4000 yuan without blinking. Even though the hard-working life of making money is making us grow old faster, however… Let’s look at the present first.

First of all, of course, it is because we are scared by the appearance of our mother who only knew how to wear sunscreen when she was 40 years old; Secondly, after searching all the TV and print commercials, who has ever seen the face of a Chinese woman with even a trace of fine lines? In other words, are there wrinkles? Please retire from the Jianghu, aunt. Please;

Finally, or most importantly, a well-known magazine once took a Chinese woman out of the street dressed as an old woman and a young woman. What was the result? As a result, the older one almost smiled rotten and broke his lips. No man took a look at him.

IV. Chinese women like self pity

At the company’s top-level meeting, he generously delivered a speech, won the most knotty customer in one fell swoop, and flew half the world in two weeks… Or Chinese women did it. But when the night was still, the beautiful woman was alone, and saw the gray and tired face in the mirror, the pace of the powerful Chinese women was more consistent: “Hey, I’m a woman. What is this?” The whole heroic spirit is just the wave left.

According to a workplace survey, it is easy for Chinese women to rise to the middle level, but few can reach the top level, because there is a “glass ceiling” of their own “female identity” above our heads, which is difficult to detect. “It is not easy for a girl to do this!” Does that sound familiar?

Yes, this is the highest praise that those excellent Chinese girls can hear from childhood. As for those who show mediocrity: “it doesn’t matter. Fortunately, they are girls.”

The career terminator of Chinese women is no more than six words: after all, it is a woman.

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