What are the skills of playing football

1. What are the skills of playing football? The skills of catching the ball

Generally, when receiving the ball, you should pay attention to the rolling direction of the football, one is rolling from the ground, and the other is rebounding. When rolling the ball on the ground, you can first judge the path of the good ball and step the ball on the bottom of your foot. When touching the ball, the toe of the foot should be raised, higher than the football, and the heel should be pressed down, lower than the football.

When receiving the rebound ball, it is very important to be able to judge the rebound route of the football. At the moment of the football landing, aim at the rebound route of the ball and do a good job of receiving the ball under the foot. In this way, when the ball bounces, it just touches the rear upper part of the ball.

It should be noted that when playing football, if you want to stop the rolling ball, the foot that stops the ball cannot be raised too high, nor can you step on the ball with the sole of your foot to avoid injury.

2. What are the skills of playing football? Instep front dribble skills

When running, the body should relax naturally, the upper body should lean forward slightly, the arms should swing naturally, and the stride should not be too large. When the dribbling foot is lifted, the knee joint bends, the heel is lifted, the toe is pointed down, and the foot is stretched before landing. Push the ball forward with the front of the instep.

3. What skills are there in playing football

Tossing is one of the most basic techniques in football, which mainly requires players to have a good sense of the ball when playing football, to control football well when playing football, and to make football run in the way they want. The toss is generally made with the inside of the foot, with the knee joint of the supporting leg slightly flexed, and the body’s center of gravity moved to the supporting foot. When the ball falls to the height of the knee joint, the flipping foot bends its knees and crosses its legs. The inner side of the foot swings upward and turns inward (the inner side of the foot is horizontal). Tap the bottom of the ball to lift it up.

4. What are the skills of shooting football

Volley is a basic technique in football, and it is also a difficult technique to master. During the volley, the footballer uses the instep to volley the ball. Because the ball can be fully energized at this time, it is difficult for the goalkeeper to make effective saves because of its strength and speed.

The advantages of playing football

1. Relieve eyestrain

Now many students and office workers almost have vision problems. They use their eyes too much in study, work and life, resulting in myopia. When you are playing football, you often look at the six directions and constantly observe your teammates at the far end, which can reduce the pressure on your eyes. In addition, the fresh air and green plant landscape outdoors will also make you feel relaxed and happy, thus making you feel more comfortable.

2. Prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases

Playing football can improve your physical fitness and enhance the function of your respiratory system. Long and short distance acceleration running when playing football can greatly improve lung capacity, and once these functions are enhanced, they can help us to resist various respiratory diseases. Many people have changed from weak to strong because of playing football.

3. Strengthen muscles and bones

Bones will deteriorate with age or lack of activity, and when you get old, you will find that your legs and feet are becoming more and more unsound. But we can avoid this trend when we are young. Playing football can improve the bone density of the human body and delay the decline of bones.

4. Help sleep

Playing football, a high consumption sport, will make you need more time to rest, so that you don’t have extra energy to think about messy things, and also relax your nervous tension at work, so that you can sleep more soundly and soundly.

Precautions for playing football

1. Playing football has better physical fitness. In order to improve physical fitness, we should do more sports at ordinary times, such as running, high jump, long jump, gymnastics and so on.

2. Before playing football, you should do a good job of preparatory activities, first jog for a while, then do some gymnastics, and then practice kicking when your whole body is moving, so that you are not likely to be injured when kicking.

3. As soon as you finish playing football, don’t sit down and have a rest immediately. You should walk around the court to gradually calm down. Only in this way can you eliminate fatigue quickly.

4. When you are uncomfortable, lack of sleep, and in low spirits, you’d better not play football, because if you don’t pay attention to it, you may have knee sprains and ankle sprains.

5. If you have sprained your ankle, do not continue to exercise. You should immediately rest off the scene and seek a doctor to check the ankle injury.

6. Don’t play football half an hour after dinner, because football is a more intense exercise, which is not suitable for after dinner. It will affect gastrointestinal digestion and cause stomach discomfort.

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