6 unique skills to make you white and tender 6 unique skills to make you white and tender

Trick 1: clean your face

Time: 1 minute

Clean skin is the key for any skin care product to absorb. Therefore, it becomes particularly important to thoroughly clean the skin. Remind mm to pay attention to the correct way to wash his face: after washing his face with warm water, squeeze an appropriate amount of cleansing milk, rub it with hands to make rich foam, and wash his face gently with foam. When washing your face, use your fingers to draw circles from outside to inside, focus on cleaning the T-zone and nose from your cheeks, and rinse with cold water after washing.

Unique skill 2: a necessary whitening essence

Time: 30 seconds

Whitening essence can restore the whiteness and moistness of skin better than ordinary whitening products because it contains a high proportion of effective ingredients and has smaller molecules. A good whitening essence should be water-based, easy to absorb, mild and safe! Using a good whitening essence can double the effect of matching whitening products.

Trick 3: regular exfoliation

Time: 1 minute

If the stratum corneum is too thick, it will not only make the aged keratinocyte pigment accumulate on the skin surface, but also make the skin look dark yellow. More importantly, it also prevents the absorption of whitening active ingredients like a wall. Therefore, regular exfoliation is a must for skin to be white and tender. It is worth noting that skin also needs a healthy stratum corneum to maintain elasticity and moisture, so exfoliation should not be too frequent, twice a week for sensitive skin and once a week for sensitive skin.

Trick 4: whitening care in the morning and evening

Time: 1 minute

The focus of skin care is different during the day and night, as is whitening. During the day, the skin cells are almost dormant. What we need to do most is to protect and isolate the skin from sunlight, air pollution, radiation, etc; What we need to do at night is to repair + nourish, so that our skin can get the best nourishment at the best nutrition absorption time in the evening! Don’t use day cream as an all-round care product anymore!

Unique skill 5: UV blocking cannot be broken

Time: 1 minute

Most of the reasons for skin dullness are the damage of UVB and UVA in ultraviolet rays. Not only that, they can also accelerate skin aging. In the face of such skin killers that can be photographed, MMS must not take it lightly, and must always take UV protection in mind. Note: ultraviolet rays are always present, not only in summer, but also in spring and autumn and even winter. Facing computers every day, we also need radiation protection!

Unique skill 6: replenish water at any time

Time: 30 seconds

Lack of water is the source of any skin problem. If you want to have fair and transparent skin, it is particularly important to replenish water at any time. It’s best to carry a hydrating spray with you. Under the conditions of hot sweat and dry office air conditioning, a gentle spray can alleviate the dryness of skin and make skin moist immediately.

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