Seven kinds of women make men collapse after marriage

Married men seldom complain. In fact, they can’t be completely blamed. If you see the crazy behavior of married women, you may understand

First: Red apricots come out of the wall

pain level: five stars

There is no need to explain why red apricots come out of the wall. The most painful thing for a man is this. Of course, the end is divorce. If you don’t have children, it’s easy to do, just shoot and break up. With children, two people are in trouble. Make do with it. Life is worse than death. Let’s cut it off. Children have become victims again.

Once a friend quietly divorced. After the divorce, he didn’t mention this to anyone. It was only a year later that his friends realized that he was single. The reason is that his wife has come out of the wall. At the time of divorce, the property was divided. In order to show his magnanimity, the man also went out of the house. At the beginning of divorce, he also borrowed money from everywhere.

I have also heard of a man who is very handsome and once the prince charming in the hearts of girls. His wife is very capable and he earns a lot of money. But her wife earned more, and gradually her wife came out of the wall. One day, his wife could not bear to continue to give her a green hat, and dumped 2 million yuan to him to divorce him. Did you say that handsome boy died of cowardice and pain!

If this happens, how painful will men be?

Second, the lion roars from the east of the river

pain level: four stars

Once a little bird, he suddenly became a lion roaring after marriage. You can imagine what a man feels like. Tit for tat is too manly, and family conflicts will intensify and even get out of hand! Compromise. Being weak and deceptive means advancing by an inch. In the long run, it will become tracheitis and ears. Although it is a trivial matter, it will drive men crazy every day.

There was a man, after his wife yelled at him for seven years. got divorced. He said that Shi Zai could not bear being scolded as a slave every day.

Third, paranoid jealous

pain index: four stars

This kind of thing also makes men angry. It’s really hard for people to live such a life as chasing rumors and making shadows and trying people day and night.

A man divorced his wife more than ten years later. His wife said every day that she suspected him of having an affair, interrogated him every day, followed him, and forced him to report. At that time, he could not bear being tried every day and divorced. In order to prove that he has no affair, he has not married yet.

Fourth, economic dictatorship

pain index: Samsung

My wife is a housekeeper and holds the financial power. This is normal. But if the wife is dictatorial and engages in economic dictatorship, the man’s life will be difficult. Think of the money you earn and turn it in every month. Money should be applied for in advance and strictly approved. There are only sporadic transportation expenses in his pocket. The more important thing is that men go out of the house and spend money on everything. If my wife doesn’t approve, or I don’t have time to approve the money. Men often can’t walk at all.

There was a man who forgot to apply before going out. I had no way to get home, so I had to borrow money from my friends. I was extremely embarrassed.

Are people still living this kind of life?

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