Share the seven deep-seated reasons for the post-90s love concept

First of all, I have to explain the origin of the word “sex first and love later”. This is the inspiration given to me by the post-90s generation after the author wrote an article “classic mode of dating for post-80s generation”. His main idea is that you post-80s generation are OK, and we post-90s generation go to bed directly. Finally, I asked, and then he said, then love! At that time, I thought in my heart, can you love this love? My friend, what do you say?

root cause 1: inheritance

Everyone is familiar with this word! When we listen to the disputes on TV, many of them are caused by the death of the old and the inheritance of the young. The word “inheritance” is congenital, which is often related to men. If you don’t believe me, which man doesn’t want to do that with women. If we ask the post-80s generation, they will answer us, indeed. After we ask 70, people will despise us. In fact, those people also hope that. Because they are all men! However, the 70’s are old, and it’s time to rely on the old and work hard. What else can we do if we don’t conform to heaven’s destiny at this time? From this, it can be deduced that the same is true after 60 and 50.

root cause 2: social bad environment

None of the popular Korean dramas and Hong Kong dramas in China has a few hot shots. All these pictures are rooted in the small and hazy hearts of our post-90s teenagers. Sprout and blossom slowly. They were brought up in such a bad environment when they were young. It’s strange that those who don’t get close to ink will get dark.

root three: lack of care

This is for our parents. People often say that the post-90s generation is the generation that receives the most care. In fact, this is just talk. In order to enable their children to receive a few more days of higher education, our parents are too busy to squeeze in any time. Finally, we were brought up by nannies or grandparents. Later, my grandparents did not blame us for our behavior and refused to do so. My parents had to find a nanny in the sea of people. It should be noted that most of the nannies nowadays are young boys and girls. After all, youth is valuable, and youth is more lovable! You said that those nannies who are the same age as us can care for something!

root four: Super caring

Everything has two extremes and a balance point. In this way, it may not be understood by ordinary people. We can see this truth by looking at the scales. Chinese people are used to going to extremes, and rarely at the equilibrium point. As mentioned above, one of the root causes is “lack of care”, and here it is “too much care”, which is the extreme that our parents are used to taking. Nowadays, parents (many) care for their children more than usual. They think that every step of their children is so important that they begin to hold them in their hands and treat them as treasures. They refuse to let go of anything. In fact, this is wrong. If you love too much, it will be too much. Just as joy begets sorrow.

root cause V: strange

Strange is a very normal thing. When people are young, it is not strange to feel strange about things. People like to be curious, and the Chinese know themselves in this respect. Among foreigners, the British proverb “Curiosity Kills the cat” was finally made into a film by interested Chinese. This is enough to show that foreigners are also people and like to be curious about things. Children’s curiosity about things is different from that of adults. They lack sufficient self-control. In many cases, when curiosity arises, we have to try. Finally, we have to love first. Isn’t it popular for post-80s and Post-70s to try marriage? In fact, “trial marriage” is a synonym for sex before love.

root cause 6: nothing serious

Daring to think and act is most easily reflected in the post-90s generation. This is something we have to admit. They are like newborn calves. They do not hide, cover or hypocrite. They like to say, “what’s the matter?” Yes, the answer is, “it’s really nothing.” Besides, most of the college students a few years ago were post-80s. Are there still few examples of sex before love among them? There’s more to go. In other words, it’s no big deal.

root seven: mutual willingness

One of the most reliable sources for the post-90s generation to reach an agreement on sex first and love later is their mutual willingness. The post-90s know what rape is, so even if they first “have sex”, the sex here is not as direct and unreliable as people think. At least they know each other, but they don’t know much. They want sex first and love later, not because they want love, but because they want sex. Knowing this will not happen unless we are willing.

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