But after we broke up, my ex girlfriend often harassed me

a she’s getting engaged, and I’m completely lovelorn.

There is nothing wrong with loving a person, but if you love her wholeheartedly even though you know there is no result, you will be called stupid by others.

I am such a fool.

Xiaohan (not her real name) is my ex girlfriend. We have broken up for half a year. I remember that day when she said that she had fallen in love with someone else, my heart seemed to be torn by one hand. I understand Xiaohan’s character and know that her feelings for that boy have far exceeded mine, so I also told her that although we broke up, if she needs me at any time, I will still help her as before. In the eyes of others, this may be a polite word when we parted, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart, because I still love Xiaohan. As long as she needs my help, I will still be willing to serve her.

All the friends who knew my relationship with Xiaohan said that I was stupid and that Xiaohan was selfish. They asked me not to talk to her anymore, but I kept the promise I made when we parted. Or I’m not keeping any promises at all, but a hope that one day she can change her mind and come back to me again. But this Spring Festival, when she came back from Hangzhou, she told me that she had taken the boy home and they planned to get engaged in May this year.

b is so understanding that I fell in love with her all of a sudden.

Xiaohan is from Hangzhou and a classmate of my colleague. On a weekend in October the year before last, my colleague and I rented a new house. In order to celebrate the “housewarming”, he proposed to cook at home that evening and invited some friends to come and have a party. That day, he invited three friends, including Xiaohan. Because we were all of the same age and chatted very congenially, we unconsciously talked until the second half of the night, and then three friends of our colleagues stayed with us for the night, a two bedroom and one hall house, one for three boys and one for two girls.

Because of the weekend, and because I drank wine the night before, we boys all got up very late the next day. When I got dressed and went out of the room, I found that it was bright in front of me. The living room and kitchen, which were still in a mess the night before, had been cleaned up. I stood there, wondering who was so diligent. The doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw Xiaohan standing at the door. Although we had known each other yesterday, I didn’t really see her. The moment I opened the door, I was attracted by her. Xiaohan said with a smile that the girl she lived with left early in the morning because of something. When she got up, she helped us clean the house without anything. After cleaning, she went downstairs to buy us breakfast before we got up. She said she was worried about not being able to get in without a key. She didn’t expect me to get up so early. After listening to her words, I immediately reacted and took the breakfast in her hand.

At that moment, her diligence and understanding suddenly occupied my heart.

When my colleague knew that I liked Xiaohan, he understood, but he didn’t think much of it. He said that although Xiaohan didn’t have a boyfriend, she might not be willing to find an outsider like me who had no money, no house and no stable job to be her boyfriend. Sure enough, when my colleague told Xiaohan that I liked her, Xiaohan rejected me.

C thought she loved me too, and she said she was just moved.

Maybe in other people’s eyes, I am like a toad trying to eat swan meat, but I don’t think so. I think everything will succeed as long as I put my heart into it, including love.

Therefore, I began to frequently appear in front of Xiaohan’s unit, pick her up from work and invite her to dinner. It took me more than two months for Xiaohan to refuse at the beginning, to accept it slowly, and then to feel good about me slowly. However, from the day we established our love relationship, she still told me that her parents would definitely not allow us to be together, and she did not know what to do at that time. At that time, I didn’t understand Xiaohan’s words as her hesitation, but felt that as long as we love each other sincerely and devote ourselves, we can overcome all obstacles.

Last Valentine’s day, I spent it with Xiaohan. That night, she asked me to write my wishes on a piece of white paper. I wrote: I hope to be with you forever. After reading it, she smiled and folded the paper into a boat. Then she wrote a sentence on a piece of white paper, “I want to see it.” she said nothing, and then she quickly folded it into a paper boat. When we went to the moon lake that day, she put two paper boats into the lake together. Watching them drift away from the bank, I thought Xiaohan’s wish on the paper was the same as mine. I didn’t know until the day we parted. It was not the case at all.

Colleagues have always looked down upon my relationship with Xiaohan and advised me not to be too involved, but I have always been full of confidence in this love. However, last September, I found that Xiaohan deliberately alienated me. She not only often doesn’t answer my phone, but also the messages I send her are always in the mire. When I went to pick her up from work, she always refused me to take her home on the pretext of working overtime. After half a month, she finally said to me one day, “let’s break up.”.

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