Essay: love that can’t be returned

A Hao is my first love. We only talked about love slowly the year I graduated from college. There is nothing praiseworthy about a Hao. He only has two distinct characteristics, one is that he has a pair of Liang Chaowei’s melancholy eyes, and the other is that he is poor and in a mess

Without blessings, we walked together in silence. I admit that I was infatuated with his eyes. Every time he looked at me while smoking, I always felt dizzy. From his eyes, I could feel a man’s secret and elegant tenderness. It seemed that when he looked at me, he was saying to me that only I could save him in the world. Indeed, a Hao is not only poor, but also his grades are not good. But I just like to imagine being the Savior.

Objectively speaking, in addition to some beauty, I am not much better than a Hao. At the end of my lifeless college life, a Hao’s intrusion brought me a kind of happiness that shines back. At that time, I looked at this little man who was silent but full of sincerity. I also had unspeakable sweetness in my heart.

We like to be together and do a lot of boring things together that we can’t help doing. For example, we will choose the foggy morning, run to the hill in the north of the school, deliberately disperse, and then shout each other’s names. For example, on a weekend night, we would hold hands aimlessly like ghosts, stroll far away from the lights for a long time, until the door of the dormitory building was locked. Then I kissed a Hao and asked him to lift me into the building. The two people looked at each other breathlessly across the railing

It can’t be denied that we are similar in character, but it’s doomed that people like us won’t be very popular. A Hao once said to me emotionally that I don’t need to be so lonely anymore… I giggled in my heart, insinuating that the fool didn’t even know how to embellish his love words. However, I still felt a kind of inexplicable warmth covering my heart, because loneliness is very tiring, and I finally could relax like a Hao after a long absence.

I love eating spicy rice noodles across the bridge. Even if the rice noodle stall is very dirty, ah Hao doesn’t seem to like eating it very much. At least he never eats it. He just looks at me quietly across the greasy square table. When I am hot and sweaty, ah Hao often smiles and lights a cheap cigarette. He exposes some yellow teeth and laughs at me. “Eat it, and you will be covered with zits after eating. You are uglier than me.” What ah Hao said is true. I will have disgusting pimples if I touch spicy food. But what’s the matter? Numbness from spicy food is the feeling I enjoy most.

I never expected such a guy as a Hao to give me any gifts. Although I also envy other girls for their colorful clothes, and although I have been tortured by the fact that I have no money, I know that the poor do not want to be generous, but do not have the strength to be generous. Today, they will be hungry for a week. Who are you kidding? A Hao is poorer than me… But a Hao’s quirks are really elusive. He still gave me a gift. A bottle of acne removing products, simple packaging, full of Chinese medicine flavor, I don’t say whether or not. Although I don’t like the choking Chinese medicine flavor, it has a miraculous effect when it is used to put out the fire after eating rice noodles. I forgot to explain. Every time I ate rice noodles, it was a Hao’s treat. It was really chilly. At that time, I really couldn’t think of anything better. The ugly acne was actually created and eradicated by a Hao. I often say that.

Youth acne ups and downs, we said goodbye to the campus era, I think I can’t live without a Hao, so we also stayed in this strange city and rented a house that matched us. A Hao is very busy in all kinds of physical work. I often scold him for being unpromising, but a Hao says he doesn’t like to use his brain. Physical work is very tiring, but it makes people have no strength to think about other things, so he doesn’t complain. A Hao is really desperate. I advise him not to use it, but he just joked with a blank face that your Sophora flavescens anti mite cream is used faster and faster. I’m afraid I can’t afford it one day

Indeed, I ate rice noodles crazily for a period of time and used them very frequently. I don’t know why. I only know that I was really numb by spicy food. This numbness is too complicated. I want to find that simplicity in the campus. But no matter how I ate rice noodles, I never felt afraid of heaven, earth and acne again.

I also have a job, and I’m in the office. A Hao has a lot of leisure. I never think I’m lucky. I always think that as long as a Hao is willing to use his brain, it’s OK to squat down and enjoy an air conditioner. But this fool always says that every effort is worth every penny, and visible growth is the most pleasant. While ah Hao was getting darker and darker, I met Hsuan Ming.

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