How about running at night

In fact, running at night won’t do too much harm to your body, so it’s OK. Running at night is also better for the skin, because a large amount of sweat will be produced after exercise, so the excess water will be discharged, which has the function of eliminating edema. At the same time, there is no ultraviolet rays at night, which will not harm the skin. If you exercise at night, your metabolism will be improved and your health will be promoted. And exercise will also bring fatigue to the body, so you can quickly enter sleep, improve the quality of sleep, and relieve pressure. But you must end the exercise one hour before going to bed, because the body is in a relatively excited state one hour after the exercise, so it is difficult to fall asleep.

It should also be noted that it is not appropriate to run immediately after eating, because the food is still in the digestive state, and running suddenly will cause discomfort and abdominal pain, so you should run 1-2 hours after dinner. For people who love sports, an appropriate amount of exercise is good for their bodies and is not prone to sports risks. But for people who do not love sports, sudden exercise will increase fatigue. Therefore, when running at night, you should also pay attention to step-by-step and warm up well, otherwise it is easy to cause muscle strain.

Running at night can not only exercise, but also reduce weight. Night running belongs to aerobic exercise. If a person weighing 60 kg runs at a speed of 3 minutes / 400 meters or 8 kilometers / hour every night, he will consume about 490 calories in one hour of night running. However, one kilogram of fat in the human body can provide about 7200 calories. If you run for 1 hour every night, you can lose about 4 kilograms in a month without changing your diet. This number is not absolute. Generally speaking, men, heavier people, and adults who exercise more often will lose weight if they consume more calories at the same speed and amount of exercise.

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