Overwhelming the last straw of love

The taste of love is wonderful, but it is often accompanied by bitterness. Men and women in the emotional world can easily get lost in this maze full of illusions. It is not feeling or life that determines where we go, but love itself and the judgment lost by loving each other.

Men and women in love are likely to break up because of these things:

1. He / she does not show up at the appointed time and place

You have made an appointment for the time and place of your next appointment. You dressed up beautifully and waited for that person at that place half an hour in advance. But after the time, that person did not appear. No one answered your call to him, so you had to leave with disappointment.

Actual scene: maybe the other party is in a traffic jam on the road, or has a temporary accident, and the mobile phone is out of power, so there is no way to contact you.

2. You just had a quarrel with your lover, and the next day you boarded QQ and found that the other party’s number was no longer there.

The men and women who are in love inevitably have contradictions. At the same time, they all think about what to do if they are struggling for persistence in their long life in the future? What’s worse, yesterday you had a quarrel with the other party. The next day, when you were about to relax and greet the other party, you found that there was no other party’s number in QQ. At this time, you really felt that it was OK to quarrel all your life, as long as the other party was still around you.

Actual scene: make a call, even if you break up, you should ask clearly, know what the other party thinks, and then make a decision. After the other party answers, he knows that it is only his own little oolong. It turns out that his QQ number has been stolen, and all his friends have been deleted. He is trying to recover it.

3. I think this choice is the best for the other party.

The life together is actually firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea. Both parties need to work hard to live a happy and happy life. But often some couples can’t pass the difficult days at the beginning. So one day, one of them really can’t stand it, proposes to break up, and tells the other that in fact, one’s life will be better.

Actual scene: sometimes, when you see the other party working overtime until late at night, and working hard at housework on weekends, you think that the other party will not be so tired if you don’t have yourself, so you think it’s best to give life to the other party, which is called giving happiness to the other party.

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