Three types of people can not easily soak their feet in hot water

Frozen feet cannot be scalded with hot water. In addition, many people have a habit of freezing their feet in winter. Some people want to warm their feet with hot water, which is undesirable. The foot is frozen, which means that it is affected by extreme cold. The temperature is lower than the normal tolerance of the body, and the skin and muscles are in a rigid state. At this time, if hot water is suddenly used to scald feet, the temperature will change from cold to sudden heat, and the skin and muscles will not be able to withstand a huge temperature difference, which will aggravate the condition of frozen feet, and even peel the muscles and bones in serious cases. Therefore, after the feet are frozen, they should be kneaded moderately by hands to make the feet warm instead of simply warming them with hot water.

Diabetes patients’ feet are easy to scald after soaking in hot water. Experts point out that patients with diabetes are prone to neuropathy, and peripheral nerves can not normally sense the external temperature, and this neuropathy is very hidden, which is often difficult for patients themselves to perceive. After neuropathy, the patient can’t test the water temperature and is easily scalded. Moreover, high water temperature can easily cause foot infection and accelerate the deterioration of diabetes foot. Therefore, doctors suggest that when diabetes patients wash their feet, their families should first test the water temperature, and then let the patients put their feet in the water. The water temperature should be 37 ℃.

Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not soak their feet in hot water. High water temperature stimulates nerves and dilates capillaries. High temperature accelerates the blood flow, increases the burden of the heart and blood vessels in a short time, and has the risk of aggravating the disease. Therefore, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are not suitable to soak their feet in overheated water.

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