The daily habit of hurting the stomach makes the stomach unbearable

Just like most people around us only care about how high we fly, few people care about whether we are tired or not, it’s not the same for our stomachs:

We just think of it as a bag of wine, think of ways to make it contain more good wine and dishes, but seldom care if it can be tolerated;

We ourselves are so busy that we forget it. When we think of it, it is already past dinner time;

We like spicy smoked roast, and we force it to accept unconditionally;

In order to be slim, we are not allowed to enter the grain of rice, but it is “punished” with us – being “corroded” by stomach acid.

So repeatedly, selfish we hurt our stomach.

Data show that among China’s 1.3 billion population, 120 million people suffer from gastrointestinal diseases. The incidence rate of peptic ulcer is 10%, and the incidence rate of chronic gastritis is 30%. China is a well deserved “big country with stomach diseases” in the world.

In addition, China is also a high incidence area of gastric cancer, with 400000 new gastric cancer patients discovered every year, accounting for 42% of the world’s gastric cancer incidence. Please be kind to our stomachs, otherwise they will also protest: the abdomen is swollen like cotton, the hiccups are continuous, and the sudden pain will make you miserable.

In this regard, we have drawn up a “stomach injury list” for the degree of stomach injury caused by various behaviors, and asked experts to give us advice on how to make our stomach healthier.

irregular meals, excessive pressure, preference for smoking, and eating too hot can cause cancer.

Stomach injury index: ★★★★

A survey shows that the risk of gastric cancer of people who regularly eat three meals at irregular times is 1.3 times that of normal people, 1.5 times that of angry eating, and 4.22 times that of hot eating. If the above factors work together, the relative risk of gastric cancer is higher. Zhang Ye said that the stomach is an organ that is used to abiding by the “schedule”. There are physiological peaks and valleys in the secretion of gastric juice during the day, so as to facilitate the timely digestion of food. If gastric acid and pepsin are not neutralized by food, they will digest the gastric mucosa itself and cause damage to the gastric mucosa. Being hungry and full, often skipping breakfast, sometimes overeating, and working late at night and irregular life have provided “good” soil for the incidence of gastric cancer.

Processed meat products such as cured meat and smoked fish contain a large amount of nitrite, which is easy to form nitrosamines and directly induce tumors in the stomach. This is also the reason for the high incidence of gastric cancer in coastal areas and the high incidence rate of gastric cancer in Japanese. Swedish scientists have found that every 30g increase in the daily intake of processed meat products increases the risk of gastric cancer by 15% – 38%.

In addition, the human digestive tract mucosa is very delicate and can only tolerate food at 50-60 ℃, beyond which the mucosa will be scalded. Like freshly brewed tea, the temperature can reach 80-90 ℃, which is easy to scald the digestive tract. If you often eat hot food, the mucosal damage has not been repaired and you are scalded. Repeated scalding and repair will cause changes in the mucosal quality and further develop into cancer.

Expert advice: for those who can’t eat on time, they should always have snacks such as soda biscuits and instant oats around them. If they don’t have time to eat, they should also fill their stomachs with something to fight stomach acid and don’t let their stomachs “idle”. But this method can only be used as an occasional response. If it is done for a long time, it will be harmful to the stomach. People who like smoked food should reduce the frequency of consumption and taste it occasionally. It should be noted that the food should not be in direct contact with the fire during smoking and baking, the smoking and baking time should not be too long, and the burnt part should not be eaten at all, because such proteins have become denatured. In addition, while eating barbecue, you should eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, which can also play a role in fighting carcinogens.

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