Siege and happiness 2011 top ten marriage keywords

1. Naked marriage: sing “long live true love” or “look beautiful”

“Naked marriage” refers to a simple way of getting married without a license without buying a house, a car, a wedding or even a wedding ring. It is a new online vocabulary emerging in 2008. Due to the pressure of life and modern people’s increasing emphasis on the “freedom” and “independence” of marriage, the importance of “wedding” in the marriage of the younger generation is weakening day by day, so naked marriage has become the latest trend of “post-80s” marriage. On the one hand, it reflects the change of modern society’s understanding of marriage, on the other hand, it also reflects the change of modern society’s material concept.

With the popularity of the TV series “naked marriage era”, the topic of naked marriage has recently aroused heated discussions from all sides. Naked marriage is happiness? Is it natural and unrestrained? Is it helpless? Or risk? Everyone has a different definition in his mind. Some people think that as long as there is a god of love, horses are floating clouds, while others think that love without bread will be destroyed sooner or later. In fact, the secret of naked marriage happiness is almost the same as that of marriage happiness, and the key is to manage it carefully. Therefore, as long as the two sides of love have a common goal and strive for it, I believe there will be a satisfactory result whether they get married before or after material prosperity.

Second, flash marriage: love is risky, flash marriage needs to be cautious

“Flash marriage” is the abbreviation of flash marriage, and it is quite short from recognition to marriage. Those who get married after only one day of acquaintance to those who get their licenses less than three months ago are all flash marriages, which mostly happen to young men and women nowadays. The pressure of modern urban life is great, and some older young people who are busy with their careers do not want to fall into a tug of war in marriage. At the same time, the simplification of marriage and divorce registration procedures allows couples to enjoy greater privacy and autonomy, which provides great convenience for flash marriage. However, due to insufficient understanding of each other, flash marriage may indeed leave behind problems such as unstable marriage relations and relatively higher divorce rate.

Big s and Wang Xiaofei only spent more than a month from knowing each other to obtaining the certificate. We can’t assert that they must be happy or unhappy, but the facts tell us that flash marriages are mostly bitter fruits. The word “flash marriage” is always followed by the word “flash divorce”. Some people think that marriage and divorce are just the difference between red and green, but they don’t realize that irresponsible attitude towards marriage may lead to misfortune in marriage. Flash marriage breaks the basic law of marriage, from love to understanding, and then to further communication, which is a continuous deepening process. Marriage is not a fast food. It is easy to love but difficult to get along with. Whether that pair of shoes on your feet really suits you will be known only after you walk a little longer.

3. Hidden marriage: dare you play the dangerous game

“Hidden marriage” means that people who have fulfilled the legal formalities of marriage do not declare their “married” status. There are many married men and women in the city who are concealing their marital status. They have no ring on their ring finger and go out of various places like single nobles. There is a potential competition law in the workplace now. Once people are labeled as marriage, their competitiveness will often be greatly reduced, so some married people choose hidden marriage. The “hidden marriage group” claims to be a happy single aristocrat, but avoids talking about emotional marriage; He usually has a warm relationship with the opposite sex and is keen on social intercourse, but on holidays, he disappears.

Marriage is a “glamorous” thing. Why should it be hidden? Some netizens said that hidden marriage is not only a way of life, but also a survival strategy. If you hide your married status, you will get free space, fair opportunities, the favor of your boss and the appreciation of the opposite sex. However, experts say that psychological hints of long-term “not in a marital state” will weaken the parties’ sense of family responsibility, and can seriously trigger a marriage crisis. When the truth is exposed, you may hurt yourself and others around you. Hidden marriage may be a helpless move, but the parties concerned should still coordinate the relationship between work and family and deal with it carefully.

IV. trial marriage : is it just a cover for cohabitation

The so-called “trial marriage” refers to an experiment conducted by unmarried men and women in accordance with the marriage model with marriage as the orientation, which can also be said to be a marriage model. If both parties are dissatisfied with each other or one party is dissatisfied with the other party through trial marriage, the marriage will fall apart. Both parties can go their own way and choose a suitable and satisfactory partner. In western countries, the trial marriage system is implemented, that is, the parties live together for a period of time before marriage, observe whether they can coordinate with each other in life, physiology, psychology and other aspects, and then decide whether to perform legal procedures and get married formally. And this period can be long or short, maybe months or years.

Some people think that trial marriage is just an excuse to cohabit and not want to take the responsibility for marriage. Others think that this kind of pre marital running in is conducive to each other’s more rational choice of partners and decision-making. In fact, it mainly depends on the attitude of the parties to marriage. When a person tries marriage with a sacred and serious attitude, it can also be regarded as a reflection of a sense of responsibility. But trial marriage is also vulnerable because of the lack of legal protection, and this loose form of marriage may bring more trouble to the parties. Therefore, young couples should be cautious when considering trial marriage.

v. marriage fighting: unity is strength

“Marriage together” is not the same as marriage together. Its broader concept should be marriage together. That is to say, some preparations before marriage, including reservation of banquet, purchase of wedding candy, tobacco and wine, wedding photography, makeup, etc. Because some young people have not worked for a long time, most of them have not much savings. In the face of marriage, which is a big event and a big expense in life, the fashionable marriage method of “marriage spell” came into being. The marriage matching trend has strong practical significance and the spirit of “practical Thrift” in the current era of soaring prices.

They look for prospective newlyweds with the same or similar wedding dates, meet to shoot wedding dresses, buy cigarettes and alcohol together, book hotels together, spend honeymoon together, etc., and enjoy preferential “group purchase prices” through matchmaking to reduce marriage costs. However, it should be noted that matchmaking can indeed achieve resource sharing. When many couples choose to buy the items needed for their wedding together, businesses often give discounts. However, newlyweds need to pay attention to the authenticity of the identity of the marriage partner. It is best to choose trusted acquaintances to “fight” together, and be careful not to be deceived or cause disputes.

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