Beauty DIY: 7 Whitening Tips beauty DIY: 7 Whitening Tips

Folk recipe 1: vinegar and glycerin

After cleaning the face before going to bed every night, mix five parts of vinegar and one part of glycerin into a mixture and apply it to the face and neck. You can sleep overnight, or you can wash with water and apply night cream to sleep half an hour later. After about two weeks, your skin will be obviously white and smooth.

Folk recipe 2: common salt

Take a certain amount of salt and water, mix well (high concentration), dip the cotton pad with salt water and gently smear it on the face. After a few minutes, when the water on the face evaporates and leaves a white powder, rinse it with water. This can not only thoroughly clean the dirt hidden in the pores, but also remove the aged cuticle, thus restoring the luster of the face. Use with caution for sensitive skin.

Folk recipe 3: vinegar

You can add a little vinegar to the cleaning solution, mix it, massage the face moderately, then massage the back of the hand and palm, and then wash it with water to make the skin smooth and smooth.

Folk recipe 4: walnut kernel

Immerse 250g walnuts in 500g vinegar, seal the bottle mouth, and drink it after ten days. Drink two tablespoons after meals every day to improve rough skin

Folk recipe 5: Baby Oil

If there is a party in the evening, and you have to wear a knee length skirt, then at this time, no BodyLotion is better than baby oil. It can not only moisturize your skin, but also make your jade leg skin more smooth.

Folk recipe 6: Honey

Each time you wash your face, first wash it with warm water, then pour out an appropriate amount of honey in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and then massage your hands in circles on the face upward and outward. After the massage, clean it with wet water, and apply nutritional skin care products. If you persist for more than one week, you can obviously feel the luster of your face. The skin is comfortable and natural without tightness after use. The effect is especially obvious after long-term use. At the same time, it is better to take royal jelly orally every morning and evening.

Folk prescription 7: only use facial cleanser once a day

As dry skin is particularly dehydrated and prone to peeling due to dryness, you can choose some cleansers containing honey, milk, vitamin E and other ingredients. But the cleanser should not be used more. It is good to use it once a day. When you get up in the morning, you can only wash your face with warm water.

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