Whitening DIY let six foods help you whitening DIY let these foods help you

The following are several whitening foods that are absolutely helpful for whitening. You can try them. You can easily have white skin from the inside out!


It is the skin food with the longest history. It contains a variety of vitamins and is a good water-based moisturizing ingredient with moisturizing properties. In self-made care products, it is often used to prepare facial mask and make nourishing lotion to provide nutrients for the body and make the skin moist and elastic.

Tea juice and tea

All have good skin beautifying effects. In self-made care products, tea is often used to remove odor and kill bacteria and inflammation. Tea juice is used to take a bath, wash the skin, or repair the red and swollen skin caused by sunburn.

almond powder

It is a good health food in traditional Chinese medicine. Almond powder often used at home not only has the effect of nourishing and whitening, but also is a good material as an external maintenance product. It can be used to make whitening facial mask and body scrub to enhance the efficacy, effectively exfoliate and whiten the skin. Almond powder can be bought in general supermarkets or traditional Chinese medicine stores.

Lemon peel and lemon juice

It is the star material in the bath, which can create a comfortable and pleasant bath atmosphere. Many fruits can be used as materials for homemade maintenance products, but the importance of lemon deserves special mention. Lemon juice can clean and whiten the skin and remove the blisters. Lemon peel contains natural essential oil, which naturally emits fragrance and makes people happy. The facial mask made of chopped lemon peel has the function of scrub and exfoliation, and has the effect of removing old and waste cells from the face and body.


It contains a lot of vitamin E and minerals, and has a special effect on removing aged horniness. In self-made maintenance products, it is often used to make maintenance products that remove dead skin and increase luster.


The juice is rich in moisture and contains vitamin C, which can enhance the skin’s regeneration ability. It is an important material for skin beautification. In self-made care products, cucumber juice is often used. After skin sunburn, cucumber juice can be applied to the painful skin for about 10 minutes to cool the skin and reduce the pain naturally.

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