Uncover the most effective acne removal method? Uncover the most effective ways to eliminate acne

Many people think that it is terrible to have acne in people, because people are important acupoints in the human body, so it is very important to remove acne. It is generally believed that the common reasons for acne in people include the following aspects. People should carefully grasp them to effectively prevent the occurrence of this kind of acne problem. The specific reasons for acne in people are as follows:

1、 The connotation of blood heat: in adolescence, the metabolism is fast, the endocrine is vigorous, the Yang heat is excessive, the blood heat is external, and it is depressed on the body surface.

2、 Improper diet: people are fond of spicy and thick food, especially teenagers prefer foreign fast food, such as hamburgers, French fries, French fries and so on, which are mostly high calorie foods. They are moist and hot for a long time, and they steam their hair and face to form acne

3、 Blood stasis block: Qi stagnation, blood stasis, dampness and heat accumulated in the skin and condensed after a long illness.

4、 Because the skin is oily, the sebaceous glands are too developed and the sebum secretion is too strong. If the pores are blocked or the oil discharge is not smooth due to other reasons, the sebaceous glands will continue to secrete, and sebum will accumulate in the pores, protrude and become acne.

5、 The imbalance of hormone secretion in the body causes skin acne. This reason is more common in adolescence. Imbalance of hormone secretion will also indirectly lead to excessive sebum secretion, which will further aggravate the situation of acne. On the surface, acne is a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the face, back and upper chest, but in essence, it is caused by endocrine imbalance. Only by taking endocrine regulating treatment measures can many refractory acne be cured.

Well, now that we know the reasons for acne in people, and now the weather is hot, bacteria are growing, oil is exuberant, and pores are blocked, it is the season that is most prone to acne. I believe many mm have acne troubles, and now acne removal has become a top priority.

[common salt acne removing method]

It is quite simple and practical. Add half a tablespoon of white vinegar to a tablespoon of table salt, add some cold boiled water, stir until the salt is completely melted, and then soak the cotton wool into the mixture. Apply the soaked cotton wool to the place with acne. Sticking to it once a day can not only dispel acne but also whiten it.

[8 glasses of water per day]

If you don’t eat in the morning, you must drink a large glass of water to clear your intestines and stomach. If necessary, you can eat foods that can regulate your intestines and stomach, such as Xiangjiao. In short, you don’t have to take one stool every day. It should be noted that staying up late is the biggest natural enemy of beauty. When washing your face, wash it thoroughly, and do not leave any cosmetics. Pillow towels must be changed frequently, otherwise, it is easy to grow mites and acne.

[tea tree essential oil acne removing method]

Tea tree essential oil is the extract of tea tree, which has the functions of sterilization, anti-inflammatory, purulent and astringent pores. Tea tree essential oil is quite useful for those white pointed and purulent acne. Generally, it needs to be used together with lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil has the effect of removing bean marks. It is a match made in heaven to use the two together.

Aloe Facial Mask acne removing method

Aloe acne dispelling method is quite affordable and economical. It has the effect of controlling oil, tightening pores and removing acne marks.

★ method: 1. Aloe 30g, Astragalus 10g, angelica 10g.

2. Remove the skin and thorns of aloe and take the meat.

3. Astragalus and Angelica are ground into powder and mixed.

4. Add aloe vera and medicinal powder into a small amount of water to make it thick. Apply it on your face for about 15-20 minutes.

[eating five color beans to eliminate acne]

Five colored beans correspond to five viscera. Red beans are good for the heart, white beans for the lungs, green beans for the liver, yellow beans for the spleen and black beans for the kidneys. Red beans moisten intestines, relieve constipation and diuresis; White beans enhance human immunity; Mung bean can clear heat and detoxify, whiten and eliminate acne; Soybeans are good for spleen, beauty and anti-cancer; Black beans can tonify the kidney, diuresis, eliminate annoyance and black hair.

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