Your constitution can be seen at a glance from your drinking habits

Water is a necessity that everyone can’t live without. Some people always hold a glass of water and drink it all the time. Some people drink water for a long time… Besides their own habits, what knowledge is there in this?

Meng Yongsheng, director of the geriatrics department of Beijing Xuanwu Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, told the life times that in traditional Chinese medicine, understanding a person’s drinking water volume, whether he likes cold or hot is an essential part of judging his physical condition. Different demands for water are also the external manifestation of one’s own physique. What kind of constitution are you? Check it out ↓

thirsty and drink more yin deficiency constitution

Some people are always thirsty and dry, feel that they have not drunk enough water, and want to drink cold water or even ice water in cold weather.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that such people generally belong to yin deficiency constitution, which is mostly caused by heat syndrome and dryness syndrome, or by sweating, vomiting, excessive lower diuresis and body fluid injury. Lack of sleep, sweating too much, and often eating hot and dry food such as barbecue Baijiu will consume body fluid and lead to yin deficiency.

Therefore, on the one hand, such people should supplement water in time, exercise not too hard, and clothes not too thick, so as to avoid excessive sweat loss. On the other hand, the diet should be light, not too much spicy food, work and rest on time, and “lock” the body fluid.

people who are thirsty don’t drink too much phlegm and dampness

There are also some people who are often thirsty, but seldom take the initiative to find water to drink. Even if they drink water, they like to drink hot water.

Such people are mostly of phlegm dampness constitution. Because of “internal obstruction of phlegm, water dampness does not change”, although they are thirsty, they do not want to drink water. They often feel tired, heavy waist and legs, easy to fatigue, sticky sweat, and cloudy urine.

In life, such people should pay attention to regulating the spleen and stomach, and appropriately supplement some food that can strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness, such as yam, white radish, job’s tears, lentils, etc. Don’t drink a lot of water at a time, but drink it slowly in separate times, or use job’s tears soup and tea instead of boiled water.

people with Yang deficiency or qi deficiency are not thirsty and do not want to drink.

Some people are naturally “uninterested” in drinking water. They are neither thirsty nor want to drink water.

This kind of situation is often seen in Yang deficiency constitution or qi deficiency constitution. This kind of Qi in the human body is often blocked, resulting in weak body fluid transmission, so it is rarely thirsty.

This kind of people should pay attention to strengthening physical exercise in life, eat more sweet and warm food in diet, such as mutton, yam, mushrooms, etc., and touch less raw and cold food. In addition, people with Yang deficiency can appropriately fry some ginseng soup to drink instead of water, and people with Qi deficiency can use Atractylodes macrocephala or dangshen to cook soup instead of boiled water.

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