Choose the right quilt according to your constitution

In recent days, the national temperature has continued to drop, and winter has become a best seller in supermarkets and shopping malls. However, quilt, duvet, silk quilt, wool quilt, etc. all kinds of new patterns and names make people dizzy and difficult to “start”. There are also many misunderstandings when people choose, “pick the heavy” and “pick the cheap”

Although the quilt is cheap, it oppresses my breathing. Quilt is the most traditional and widely used quilt. It is affordable, fluffy and has excellent warmth retention. Many old people like the solid and warm feeling of quilt covering their bodies. However, it is bulky and airtight, which will compress the chest and reduce lung capacity. It is not suitable for those who have chronic respiratory diseases and are prone to poor breathing. In addition, the bulky volume will also affect turning over and reduce the comfort of sleep.

I slept dishonestly and covered myself with a woolen quilt. Wool fiber is elastic and curly, which can absorb moisture equivalent to 1 / 3 of its own weight, and is comfortable and warm. Wool also has a good drapability, so it has a good fit. It is especially suitable for those who sleep dishonestly, such as children who love to wear quilts, to prevent them from catching a cold when they wake up.

Allergic constitution, covered with silk quilt. Silkworms can’t touch pesticides and other chemicals during their growth, and the production process is less polluted. Therefore, silk is considered to be the most green, environmentally friendly and natural quilt, suitable for people with sensitive skin and easy allergy. The silk quilt is light and thin, which will not make people breathless when sleeping, which is a good news for patients with respiratory diseases. In addition, the “hydrophilic side chain amino acids” in the silk quilt can quickly and effectively absorb moisture, keep dry, and achieve the effect of preventing rheumatism and arthritis.

I love to sweat and cover my duvet. The duvet is relatively light, and the weight of a duvet with the same volume is only 1 / 3 of that of a cotton quilt and 1 / 2 of that of a wool quilt. It also has good warmth retention, moisture absorption and perspiration. General quilts will accumulate too much water soon after use, becoming a hotbed for bacteria to breed. The down fiber has tens of millions of triangular pores that can breathe, and the surface layer contains waterproof grease, which can automatically shrink or expand with the change of external temperature and humidity, quickly absorb human sweat and moisture and volatilize them, so as to keep the quilt clean and dry. Therefore, the duvet is especially suitable for people who live in the humid South and sweat when sleeping.

Chemical fibers hurt the skin most. The chemical fiber that is claimed to be light and warm is cheap, so many people will buy it without hesitation. However, like chemical fiber clothing, it is easy to generate static electricity in dry autumn and winter seasons, which is very irritating to the skin and easy to cause rough, sensitive, acne and desquamation.

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