Taking a nap for 20 minutes is equivalent to applying a facial mask for a week

Do you have the habit of taking a nap? If so, Congratulations, it’s a very good habit. If not, then come and see what are the benefits of taking a nap. I believe that after reading it, you will change your outlook on taking a nap.

What are the benefits of siesta for skin

1. Promote skin growth

Autumn siesta can promote skin growth and delay aging. We all know that skin cells need to be constantly updated, so that we can maintain the activity of cells and keep us young forever. The wrinkled skin of the elderly is because the skin is inactive.

However, the metabolism of the skin is most vigorous when you are asleep. When you are asleep, the energy consumption of muscles and internal organs will be reduced, and the blood vessels of the skin will be fully opened. The blood can easily reach the skin and provide it with various necessary nutrients, so that the skin can repair itself and renew its cells. Relevant researchers also said that this is also one of the reasons why the whole person looks refreshed after a high-quality afternoon nap.

2. Improve skin’s antioxidant capacity

Relevant studies have shown that proper siesta can improve the antioxidant capacity of skin. If the human body is in a non sleep state for a long time, the skin will show obvious oxidative damage. In autumn, the skin will dry more easily and its antioxidant capacity will decline. Therefore, another major function of autumn siesta is to help the skin improve its antioxidant capacity and provide repair of oxidative damage to the body.

3. Promote blood circulation of skin

Autumn siesta can promote the blood circulation of the skin. After lunch, our blood flows into the stomach to digest food, and the blood supply to the brain will drop. If we insist on using the brain at this time, we will be unable to concentrate, making people more tired. Therefore, this is the best time to take a nap. The brain can rest and the digestive system can work normally, which indirectly promotes the circulation of the body surface. Only when the blood penetrates into the skin, can it be tender and ensure its activity, and can it have ageless skin.

the best time to take a nap in autumn

After dinner, people will feel particularly sleepy. Is it the best time to take a nap after dinner? Researcher Mednick found that the most ideal siesta should have both slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement sleep, and people usually take a nap 6 to 8 hours after getting up in the morning, because slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement sleep can reach a balance.

An early study conducted by Columbia University compared the relationship between sleep patterns and obesity. It was found that between 12 and 13 o’clock, most people’s physical fitness will decline, and they are most suitable for siesta. Don’t take a nap too late. It will affect the quality of sleep at night after 15 p.m.

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