How to clean and quickly remove acne marks? How can you get rid of acne quickly

Acne marks make people face a lot of trouble, especially for women with beautiful facial features, but the pockmarked acne marks on their faces destroy the beauty. Do you know how to get rid of acne marks? What is the most effective way to remove acne marks? Today Xiaobian will recommend some of the most effective ways to remove acne marks, so that your face is no longer the surface of the moon.

Food tonic acne removing printing:

1. Foods rich in vitamin A

Foods rich in vitamin A can also eat acne healthily and effectively. Vitamin A can not only promote the proliferation of human epithelial cells, but also regulate skin sweat glands and eliminate acne. Therefore, we should eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as leeks, spinach, milk and so on.

2. Cool food

Cool food can eat acne healthily and effectively. For example, mushrooms, tremella, black fungus, celery, balsam pear, cucumber, winter melon, water bamboo, mung bean sprouts, soybeans, tofu, lotus root, watermelon, pear and so on, these foods can eat acne healthily and effectively.

3. Foods rich in vitamin B6

Foods rich in vitamin B6 can also eat acne healthily and effectively. For example, animal liver, kidney, egg yolk, milk, dry yeast, cereal germ, fish, carrots, spinach, mushrooms, etc. These foods can effectively and healthily eat the acne on the face and chin of the human body.

4. Take more vitamins

Vitamin A can regenerate the skin. Foods containing vitamin A include carrot, spinach, lettuce, apricot, mango, animal liver, cod liver oil, etc. Vitamin B2 and B6 contained in green leafy vegetables and fish can participate in the metabolism of protein, promote fat metabolism, and calm acne. Vitamin C can effectively repair the tissues damaged by acne and can be absorbed by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Let alone the beauty effect of vitamin E.

Whitening products are effective for initial acne marks

The easiest way to remove acne marks is to use more whitening products. Whitening cleansers, whitening essence and whitening facial mask of all major brands are good choices. In principle, these products are the simplest, which can lighten acne marks by whitening and fading. Many acne marks removing products also use this principle, so they can work on the initial acne marks.

Vitamin E and ginger tablets are effective for initial acne marks

Some friends on the Internet also recommend some ginger tablets or vitamin E for external use on the acne marks. These two methods are still effective for the acne marks, especially the newly generated ones. However, vitamin E is likely to block the hair follicle mouth and thus lead to the re outbreak of acne, or the production of fat particles due to incomplete absorption by the skin, so friends who are prone to large areas of acne must be careful.

Fruit acid skin replacement is effective for superficial acne marks and scars at the initial stage and in the medium and long term

Fruit acid skin replacement uses high concentration of fruit acid to peel off the aged cuticle, accelerate the renewal speed of the upper epidermal cells, so as to solve a series of problems such as pockmarks, pockmarks, large pores and wrinkles, especially for shallow pockmarks. Since the operation of fruit acid skin replacement is relatively simple, there are many fruit acid skin replacement products on the market at present, and even many brands have launched family use fruit acid skin replacement products. However, I personally recommend that you go to medical beauty hospitals for fruit acid skin replacement, because high concentration of fruit acid is very easy to produce side effects. In addition, although fruit acid products are famous for their quick and good effects, long-term use of fruit acid products is likely to cause cuticle thinning and trigger various sequelae such as allergy and red blood

Use exfoliating facial mask

Before squeezing acne, clean your hands. It’s best to use an exfoliating facial mask to soften the stratum corneum and make acne easier to squeeze out. However, if you have inflamed acne, remember not to rub it when exfoliating. Prepare the hands for acne, and it’s best to wipe them again with makeup water. After washing your face, don’t wipe anything on the place where you want to squeeze the acne, especially don’t use astringent lotion, which will shrink the pores and make it harder to squeeze out the acne. As for the youth stick to be used, first disinfect it with sprinkling essence or makeup water. When the youth stick squeezes acne, the range of contact is small, and it will not affect or damage the normal skin next to the acne. But at the beginning, it may not be easy to use, and if some people forget to clean with the youth stick, the pimples will stay on the pus, and then spread to the next pimple, which is a bit like an infectious disease.

Pearl powder + egg white

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