Seven secrets a man wants to hide from his girlfriend

In today’s society, people attach great importance to privacy. Even teenagers will say “how can you steal my privacy” to their mothers who steal their diaries, let alone adult men and women.

A woman’s privacy is usually written in a diary, locked in a drawer, or even posted in her boudoir, only to her best friend. What about men? Men also have privacy, but their privacy is usually in their hearts. Women’s privacy is usually shared with others, but men’s privacy is so taboo that they can only chew it carefully. Women want to know a man’s privacy, because only in this way can they more easily penetrate into his inner world and become his spiritual partner.

let’s take a look at the seven secrets that a boyfriend doesn’t want his girlfriend to know.

1. Work status

In a man’s heart, he thinks that his girlfriend is here to share happiness. He wants to give you the best and give you happiness. Therefore, men don’t want you to know about things at work, especially unhappy things at work. Profit or loss? Is the bonus less or more? Is the boss good to himself? Men generally don’t like women at home to ask questions like this. He knows that even if he tells you, it won’t help. Because things still exist, and you can’t solve them, I can’t help you. Telling you will only increase your troubles. He doesn’t want to distract you and worry you. The reason why men want to keep some facts secret is that they don’t want to bring the day’s affairs into the night. Therefore, men don’t like women’s interference in work. It’s not a pleasant thing for all male emperors to listen to politics behind a curtain.

Of course, you think that you should care about his work if you care about him. You think this is the most basic. But don’t put your will on him. He may not like it.

2. Emotional experience

Female friends are very interested in their boyfriend’s past, especially his ex girlfriend, so you may always struggle with this issue and have to know his emotional experience.

Emotional experience is their privacy to men. Generally speaking, they won’t tell you casually. Don’t think that your boyfriend doesn’t love you. He doesn’t tell you because he is afraid that you think he still remembers his ex girlfriend and that you will live in depression and be unhappy from now on. Everyone has a past, and he doesn’t pursue your past, so why bother with the past? As long as he only has you in his heart now, as long as you are single-minded to you. Let his emotional experience become a dusty past. Set his secret as a “minefield” in your heart, and always remind yourself not to touch it. Even if you hear a word, don’t ask the bottom of it. What good is your stubbornness and meanness in addition to arousing his memories and even reciting the benefits of that “she”?

3. This is my own business.

Maybe your man will often say “this is my own business” in front of you. When you hear this, please don’t chase after him. You know, if you keep asking questions, you’ll only end up hurting both sides.

If he goes out to socialize, you don’t have to ask who he is with. If he wants to tell you, he will definitely tell you. Trust your man.

Women work in detail, like communication, love to ask questions, and even delve into the details, so generally speaking, he won’t tell you about some small things, and he has his own discretion.. Very often, he would think that it was the men’s own business, and women simply did not need to make a fuss about it, because men had to do their own business. Just give him some space. When he needs you as his wife, don’t try to be a planner of his work and life. Everyone has a psychological need to have his own living space, and men are naturally no exception. Therefore, a woman’s wise choice is to let him go crazy, what kind of friends, work conditions… His “private plots” are cultivated by him!

4. I like watching porn.

I often hear many female sexual friends say that their husbands or boyfriends often indulge in porn, and even watch it when they have sex. What’s more, they need to learn some actions in porn themselves. Many female sexual friends even want to break up or divorce him for this problem.

Men like to watch porn, just because men are “visual”. The strength of men’s sexual awareness of watching pornographic films is determined by the functional relationship between their inherent eroticism and the difficulty of getting close to their objects. Of course, it’s not wrong to watch porn, but it won’t work if you’re too addicted. You can watch it with him and follow his example. In the process of watching, you should give him appropriate guidance, communicate more, and understand his inner thoughts on porn. Only in this way can he not be addicted. If you are disgusted and opposed to him, he may continue to indulge.

Remember that this is his privacy. Don’t talk about it like a good thing. Just know it in your heart. If someone knows his privacy, he will break up with you without saying a word

5. Feminization needs

On the surface, a man is a strong man, but in fact, he also has a weak side in his heart. Sometimes, he will act like a spoiled child in front of you, and sometimes he will cry in front of you. Don’t think he is like a woman, because men also have various “feminine” psychological needs. From the perspective of individual life, men are actually more vulnerable than women. However, both women and men have changed men’s behavior. It seems that men are masculine, strong, pragmatic, careless and untidy. In fact, men also have many unknown “feminization needs”, but this is a secret that only does not say, and women can’t open it to see what it is.

Man is a face animal and likes to be appreciated and worshipped by women. Therefore, a man’s privacy can not be easily uncovered. A woman only needs to face it calmly, understand it, and understand it in her heart. Never tell him, let alone encourage him out of love. Be “weak and childish”, otherwise, a man will think you look down on him, which is unbearable. As for his love of vanity and beauty, it is also an unspoken thing, which will only make him angry.

6. Sexual anxiety

Although many men and wives are more harmonious in sexual love, men will always be involuntarily worried and anxious… But he does not want his wife to know about these anxieties, let alone mention them on her own initiative. Sex is a man’s life-long event, which he cares about very much. It is an important cornerstone of a man’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Men are more or less anxious about their sexual abilities. But it’s a big secret that women can’t know.

If you find that behind your man’s “sexual” exuberance, you have actually struggled. Then don’t panic. Your appreciation and trust are the best “Viagra” for a man. No matter what causes the “decline” of his situation, as a wife or girlfriend, he should be calm on the surface, let alone complain.

If his anxiety about sex is mentioned in your mouth or known by outsiders, you will know the seriousness of the problem. He will make you ugly. You should be ready to break up.

7. Like to talk obscenely

When several young men gather together, especially when several acquaintances chat together, they often have obscene conversations. This can not be simply regarded as low-grade and obscene, which is a common male sexual psychological reflection. There are three main reasons for this: to pass the boredom, to relax the tension of daily life by using such boring words; Enhance the harmony and harmony of chatting atmosphere; When there are women nearby, some people deliberately use obscene language, hoping to see the reaction of women when they hear such words.

Among the indecent talkers, people of different ages and experiences have different psychology. When older and experienced people talk obscenely, they often boast that they are well-informed. They are fond of talking about things that should have been hidden. This kind of psychology is incomprehensible to women. People who are young and inexperienced often talk obscenely out of a strange vanity. They do not want to be considered inexperienced or worldly savvy, so they pretend to be smart and talk a lot.

In addition, some people are in a tense state of sexual hunger and thirst. Their obscene talk has the effect of relaxing tension and venting sexual desire.

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