How to use living habits to improve immunity

Many habits we take for granted in our life may be hindering our health. Only by correcting these wrong habits can we make ourselves healthy, and we should use good habits to improve our immunity.

first, do you have all these bad habits in life

1. Put the toothbrush in the bathroom

Most people will put their toothbrushes directly in the toilet, which is convenient for brushing their teeth at ordinary times. However, in fact, doing so will expose the toothbrush to fecal particles and infect bacteria and viruses.

2. Lose weight by breakfast

Breakfast does not help to lose weight. Although according to research, breakfast can affect metabolism and appetite, it does not really help to lose weight. Avoid eating too fast, which will lead to eating more food and increasing obesity.

3. Wash hands quickly

Only about 5% of people know how to wash their hands correctly. Most people touch their hands with soap and wash them off after rubbing, but in fact, the correct way to wash hands is to use water and soap and vigorously rub their hands for 20 seconds.

4. Drink water if you want.

Most people don’t know the right time to drink water. Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before meals can improve the function of the digestive system, and drinking a glass of water before taking a shower can help reduce blood pressure.

5. Dry yourself with a towel

No one should use a towel to dry their bodies after taking a bath, but in fact, using a towel to dry their bodies will worsen dry skin and aggravate skin problems. The correct way to use it is to pat the body dry.

6. Wrong sleep mode

Most people may not use the right way to sleep, because your mobile phone may be beside the bed, and you like to slide your mobile phone and watch TV before going to bed. These will affect the quality of sleep.

7. Wash hair too often

Do you often wash your hair? Washing your hair too often will wash away the necessary oil in your hair, but it will make your hair greasy. In addition, hot water bathing for too long will also remove too many beneficial bacteria, resulting in dry skin.

8. Put peanut butter right on the side

Most families will have peanut butter, which is also one of the favorite foods of many children. But if you put it right now, it will lead to the separation of peanut sauce and water. The best way is to put it upside down, so that the oil will be evenly distributed and delicious.

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