How to protect knee joints when skiing

1. Warm up preparation: fully warm up before skiing. The warm-up should last for 30 minutes. The main parts are the rotation of the shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, wrist and finger joints, and the stretching of the muscles of the big and small legs, so that the body feels slightly hot and sweaty. In addition, the knee and ankle joints can also be bandaged to strengthen their support strength, so as to prevent sports injuries.

2. Wear knee protectors when skiing, so as to fix the knee joint and reduce the degree of knee wear to a certain extent. In addition, helmets and other protective equipment were also worn.

3. Choose a suitable slope. Beginners should choose a relatively flat slope when skiing. Generally, the slope is within 10 ° C. Old hands can not blindly seek stimulation, because the slope is too steep and is not conducive to control. It is easy to fall down and hurt your knee in the process of sliding.

4. Correct posture skiing beginners should ask someone to teach you how to fall and turn, and pay attention to the correct posture of skiing. This is very important. If you can’t control it, you should fall down slowly and don’t fight hard to avoid losing control and falling even worse.

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