Squat against the wall 4 times a day to protect knee joints

Static squatting practice is half squatting and standing with your back against the wall to exercise the muscle strength in front of your thighs.

Applicable crowd: chronic pain in front of knee joint; Pain in front of knee joint after going up and down steps, squatting and sitting for a long time; Rehabilitation after knee sprain; Postoperative rehabilitation of knee joint; Chronic instability of knee joint (knee joint is prone to repeated sprains); Rehabilitation after thigh muscle injury and other exercises for patients.

Exercise frequency: 4-6 groups every day, each group can practice until fatigue, or determine the length of each group according to its own actual situation, and rest for about 2 minutes between groups.

Precautions: the best depth of semi squatting is not to cause obvious knee pain. The greater the squatting range, the greater the muscle strength, the easier fatigue and the better the practice effect. However, it should be noted that the included angle between the thigh and the calf should not be less than 90 degrees; The front of the thigh, especially the medial part of the quadriceps femoris, should be in a state of continuous tension and force; The elderly have insufficient strength, so they must pay attention to falls and slips to prevent fractures. In addition, some patients with special conditions can practice pain angle static squatting under the guidance of doctors.

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