The first step of health preservation is to protect the innate kidney

The essential reading of medical science says that “the kidney is the origin of the birth”. The birth refers to the fetal Qi of the human body when it is conceived, that is, the “essence Qi” inherent in the parents and the innate Qi derived from the innate essence. It is inherited, the “origin” of human life, and the motive force for the formation of the acquired viscera and human growth and development. The kidney stores essence and turns essence into Qi. The kidney qi is the source of vitality and the driving force of vitality. Therefore, the function of the kidney is the fundamental factor that determines the strength of the human body’s innate endowment, the slow growth and development, and the rise and fall of visceral functions.

The kidney is innate. In fact, it emphasizes the important role of the kidney in human growth, development and reproductive function. This role is mainly reflected in: first, it promotes human reproductive function. Second, promote the growth and development of the human body. Third, resist external evils and prevent diseases.

Therefore, only when the function of the kidney is full can the human body function normally; In order to maintain health and prevent diseases, we need to replenish the kidney qi. Then, how can we “replenish kidney essence and kidney qi” to protect our “root”?

1. Avoid overwork: including tiredness and house labor. According to traditional Chinese medicine, labor hurts the liver, and the liver and kidney are the same source. Physical labor is too tired, which easily causes liver and kidney injuries; And excessive sexual intercourse is most likely to cause the depletion of kidney essence. Therefore, men should be abstemious and maintain their essence, so that yin and essence are full, kidney qi is not damaged, and energy is abundant, which is conducive to health and thus achieve the goal of prolonging life.

2. Adjust your emotions: in the Yellow Emperor’s classic of Internal Medicine – plain questions, it is said that “when music is violent and bitter, when music is first and then bitter, it hurts your spirit.” “Fear without understanding hurts the essence.” It means that great sorrow, great joy and too much fear will hurt the essence of the human body. Therefore, as long as the spirit is happy and the mood is comfortable, the kidney qi is not damaged.

3. Eating with restraint: eating without restraint is most likely to hurt the spleen and stomach. The spleen and stomach are the acquired foundation and the biochemical source of Qi and blood. The relationship between the spleen and the kidney is innate and acquired. The biochemical function of the spleen is normal, so that the source of kidney essence can be inherited, the kidney essence can be filled, the kidney qi can be refined, and natural health and longevity can be achieved.

4. Waist protection: “the waist is the home of the kidney”. Pay attention to the warmth of the waist. You can also massage the waist often to nourish the kidney. After rubbing the palms of both hands, place them on both sides of the waist respectively, massage up and down until the waist is hot, or massage the “waist eyes” on both sides with fingers or fists until it is hot. Do it once a day in the morning and evening.

5. According to Yongquan: it is said in the Yellow Emperor’s internal classic that “the kidney comes from the Yongquan”. The Yongquan point located in the foot center is the starting point of the kidney meridian. The Qi of the kidney meridian originates from the foot like the water of the source and flows out to irrigate all parts of the body. This point has the function of nourishing essence, kidney and viscera. You can massage Yongquan point before going to bed every day until you get hot. If you persist for a long time, you can see good results.

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