What mistakes should be paid attention to in daily skin whitening? Three skin whitening misunderstandings to pay attention to

Many women use various methods to whiten, and use various whitening products in their daily skin care, but they still can’t help whiten. In fact, there are many misunderstandings in skin whitening. Once they enter these misunderstandings, they can’t effectively whiten. What should be paid attention to about whitening? Let’s introduce common whitening misconceptions.

Whitening myth 1: there is no need for sunscreen indoors and on cloudy days. Even indoors, ultraviolet rays will still be refracted from doors, windows and surrounding objects, and the harm will still exist. Ultraviolet rays in cloudy days will also harm the skin.

Long term exposure to ultraviolet rays and other rays emitted by the sun can easily cause skin cancer, sunburn and wrinkles, and skin will become darker and darker.

In the face of these external enemies, it is necessary to build a barrier for delicate skin.

Many girls have no habit of using isolation cream, for fear that if they apply too much, it will be difficult for their skin to bear the load. In fact, a good isolation cream will not become a burden on the skin at all. On the contrary, it can effectively separate the skin from harmful substances and create a natural complexion.

Daily use can not only avoid the damage caused by cosmetics to the skin, but also rest assured to embrace the sun and bloom beautiful positive energy whitening Myth 2: concentrated essence must be good. I’m in a hurry to whiten quickly. I want to say stop! Because concentrated ingredients are often viscous and irritating, you should be more careful when choosing any product, especially whitening products, when your skin is already sensitive.

In addition, even if you use the whitening essence, you still need the skin’s metabolic cycle to see the effect, just like using low irritation plant products.

The so-called essence is only to strengthen the repair and accelerate the metabolism of the skin at night. It is OK for healthy skin, but it will be better for sick skin to take care of it slowly. This is the truth of the Chinese medicine theory that “deficiency is not replenished”.

The third myth of whitening: use whitening products immediately after sunburn. Try to whiten the skin immediately after sunburn. The internal inflammatory pigmentation and uneven skin color caused by the invasion of free radicals after sunburn can be helped to restore whiteness after aloe calms the skin.

Or use the soothing effect of chamomile to apply the face to help the skin relieve the harmful free radical damage caused by sunlight.

As it is inflammation that causes skin sensitivity and pigmentation, when choosing whitening products, you must avoid products with ingredients such as spices, chemical additives such as hydroquinone, hydrogen peroxide and fruit acid. You can choose natural whitening products such as mulberry, mulberry skin, licorice, lavender and other natural ingredients to help skin fight leg inflammation and whiten without weakening the thickness of the stratum corneum so as not to damage the skin.

Be careful of these misunderstandings in women’s daily whitening. Don’t make these mistakes. For example, it is necessary to apply sunscreen on cloudy days indoors. It is not good to concentrate essence, and you can’t use whitening products immediately after sunburn. These practices will damage the skin, but can’t help whiten it.

Therefore, I hope everyone can treat skin care correctly.

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