Five rules to make your office sweet

Do you have the courage to have an “office romance”? There is such an example. A 30-year-old male teacher is in love with another female teacher, but is not accepted by other colleagues. As a result, he is facing the crisis of being dismissed due to excessive work pressure and poor teaching quality.

This is a typical case. Although it ended in a comedy, it reflects that even if it is a private matter, because it happens in the office, if it is not handled properly, it will bring unnecessary troubles to oneself.

However, when a romance comes, it’s hard to resist. Many people still intend to be brave, but bravery and foolhardy don’t. In order to have a happy ending for office romance, the following five rules must be carefully studied.

rule 1: if you love your boss, please think twice.

Although foreign studies have pointed out that 64% of female office workers have improved their working conditions after having an office romance with their boss, in some enterprises, the love between their superiors and subordinates is strictly prohibited. Even if the company doesn’t prohibit it, be careful, because if you ask for a break-up, there are too many opportunities for him or her to “return” you, which guarantees that you will live in dire straits every day.

rule 2: if you fall in love with your subordinates, please think twice.

In March 2005, stone sever, President and CEO of Boeing, was forced to resign due to the exposure of an office romance. Although this love affair took place under the circumstances of mutual love, it highlights the trend of society and shareholders paying attention to corporate governance, and the board of directors had to raise the standards of requirements for the behavior of executives.

It is most difficult to distinguish between public and private affairs in a master-slave relationship. Even if you admit that public and private affairs are distinct, whether others agree is another matter. Even if you two fall in love, the risk is still quite high. If the relationship can’t end well, it’s very dangerous to be a boss, and the other party may accuse you of abusing power. You may lose your job and be prosecuted again.

rule 3: be honest with your romantic partner.

If you just want to find someone to relieve loneliness, don’t let them think you are considering marriage. Honesty in this respect is very important, especially in the workplace. Otherwise, after several dates, your enthusiasm will suddenly cool down, and you may even turn to pursue other opposite sex in the office, and you may be the target of revenge.

Rule 4: enjoy the sweetness of love

The office is indeed an ideal place to meet an emotional partner. Unlike in bars or other entertainment places, under the interaction of alcohol and hormones, the selection of a partner depends only on an impulse. Office romance allows you to have a lot of time and opportunities to really understand a person. In other words, in the company’s tea room, you have more opportunities to meet a really ideal person than in the dance hall and bar.

Rule 5: try to keep a low profile

When you are in love, everyone wants to share their joy with the world, but this does not apply to the office environment, because from the moment you open your relationship, you two are doomed to live under the microscope.

Even if you are colleagues in parallel positions and do each other a harmless little favor in your work, other colleagues who also need assistance are likely to report to your supervisor that you are being biased. Let’s just let everyone know when they receive your red bomb!

Love is a wonderful thing. As long as you follow the above rules, you can minimize the risk and enjoy the sweetness of love.

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