I didn’t expect that putting one thing in my shoe would have such a great effect

Everyone wants a healthy and long life, but now there are more and more diseases that people can’t imagine. Such diseases are unknowingly endangering human health and putting people on the edge of life and death. In life, more often than not, we are wise after the fact about diseases. We only think about them after they occur. If we had known this, we should have done it in the first place. Disease prevention can start with small things in life, such as cleaning shoes to protect feet. In today’s society, many people’s diseases can be seen from their feet. A clean pair of shoes can put a protective coat on their health. The following is an introduction to how to keep away from diseases if you put this thing in your shoes.

I. clean shoes, healthy feet

As the old saying goes: a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, which shows how great an impact feet have on a person’s health.

In terms of health preservation, we often hear health experts say that feet are the “barometer” of the body, and we must be careful when there are changes. It can be said that clean feet have a great impact on one’s health.

And having a pair of clean shoes can provide a very good space for clean feet.

The clean shoes mentioned here are not to buy new ones, nor to brush them every time you wear them, but to nourish your feet with shoes. A pair of clean shoes can protect healthy feet.

The mission of shoes is to facilitate walking. Whether it is a pair of famous brand shoes with tens of thousands of yuan or a pair of street goods with tens of thousands of yuan, its use value is the same, and it can help people walk.

Of course, such use is moderate. If you only wear a pair of shoes a year, it will be a harm to the shoes and even greater harm to the feet.

Protecting shoes is also protecting feet. How to protect shoes is attracting more and more attention.

Second, choose the right shoes

In order to keep the shoes clean, many people choose to brush them often. In their opinion, regular shoe brushing can protect the shoes well. In fact, regular shoe brushing will aggravate the damage of shoes and reduce their use value.

Wearing shoes is the same as eating food. In terms of food intake, eating food in season is the most nourishing. So is wearing shoes. Wearing suitable shoes in the right season is the protection of feet and shoes. For example, sandals can be worn in summer. It is better not to wear winter shoes such as riding boots.

At the same time, for many people who sweat too much, it is best to wear a few pairs of shoes when wearing shoes, otherwise, sweat will cause accumulation of germs, and the feet are very easy to be infected with germs, which will leave hidden dangers to health.

Therefore, when wearing shoes, it is very important to choose suitable shoes.

3. Put tea in your shoes

When many people drink tea in life, a packet of tea is poured into the sewer after being soaked only a few times. In fact, tea can be reused.

Although the efficacy of tea leaves soaked for several times is not as great as that of fresh tea leaves, there are still many places to play.

Many people sew the tea dregs after making tea into pillows after drying. In their opinion, pillows made of such tea dregs can help people sleep well.

Indeed, such tea pillows are far more effective in helping people sleep than some expensive pillows in the market.

Tea can also be used to remove the peculiar smell of shoes.

Tea itself has the effect of removing odor. Tea can also absorb the odor in the air. For many friends with foot odor, tea can be used to make tea bags when they come home every day. Putting such tea bags into shoes is very helpful to absorb the odor of shoes. When they wear shoes the next morning, they will find that there is a fragrance in the shoes.

In addition, many people in life burn tea residues. In the burning smoke, putting shoes on them for a while can also clean up the odor.

IV. charcoal to remove odor

It is already common to use charcoal to remove peculiar smell in life.

For people with cars, if there is a smell in the car, they will use orange peel or charcoal to remove the smell in the car. For many families, refrigerators are easy to ignore, but we don’t want to see that there are many bacteria in refrigerators. If we don’t pay attention to such bacteria, it will cause serious bacterial infections. Many housewives like to dilute the odor and remove bacteria with charcoal. It can be said that charcoal is a good helper for many housewives.

In fact, for the removal of the peculiar smell of shoes, a small packet of charcoal can also be removed very well.

There are many fine fiber holes on charcoal. Such fiber holes have the ability to adsorb, which can remove the odor, humid gas and harmful substances in the air.

In life, some people use charcoal to absorb the water of bonsai, which provides a good living space for the growth of microorganisms in bonsai and greatly improves the disease resistance and insect resistance of bonsai.

v. alcohol removes odor

When it comes to alcohol, many people will say that alcohol is used more in medicine and can achieve the function of sterilization.

Indeed, alcohol is widely used in medicine to wipe wounds and clean up germs. In life, there are also good ways to use alcohol. For people with severe fever, it is possible to cool down by smearing alcohol, which makes use of the heat absorption capacity of alcohol.

Here, we suggest that you use alcohol to remove the peculiar smell of shoes, mainly considering the bactericidal ability of alcohol. For the peculiar smell of shoes, you can pour alcohol on paper towels, put such paper towels in shoes, and put them in a cool place at home to sterilize and remove the peculiar smell.

This is mainly due to the fact that alcohol is a highly volatile product, which can kill bacteria and remove odor in the process of volatilizing odor.

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