On the first day of your period, you can jog

Women who like sports have a feeling that they will not be able to do well after a day of exercise. However, due to the physiological particularity of women, there will be a few days of discomfort every month, that is, the menstrual period. During this period, they can not participate in too much exercise, otherwise it will be extremely harmful to women’s menstrual health. Of course, it is not completely impossible to exercise during the menstrual period. As long as the time is correct and the exercise mode is correct, it is also possible. What many female sex friends are concerned about is how many days they can jog during their period?

On the first day of your period, you can jog

This depends on your menstruation. Generally, you can participate in running training properly after three days of menstruation. Of course, it is mainly in the form of jogging or oversleeping. It is absolutely not allowed to exercise violently. Once you exercise too much, you will have massive bleeding or other problems. You should exercise properly during menstruation. Proper exercise can also make your blood flow smoothly. If the amount of menstruation is already a lot, exercise should be carried out at the end of menstruation, such as six or seven days, so as not to affect the normal menstrual cycle If the menstrual volume is too much, no matter what time, it is not recommended to exercise, especially strenuous exercise. During menstruation, in addition to avoiding strenuous exercise, you should also adjust your eating habits and avoid eating raw and cold stimulant food to avoid inducing dysmenorrhea. If dysmenorrhea occurs, you can drink some brown sugar water and massage the abdomen clockwise to relieve it. For some patients with serious conditions, you can use pain relief drugs according to the doctor’s instructions.

Women’s menstrual period is usually about 5-7 days. On the fifth day of menstruation, their bodies begin to recover. They can take appropriate aerobic exercise such as jogging and jogging, and don’t do too much exercise. This is an analysis of some normal menstrual conditions. Some special women need special treatment, which is not included. Proper exercise during menstruation can regulate the body, and improper exercise will cause great harm to the body, Therefore, pay attention to the following points when exercising during menstruation: reduce the amount of exercise, shorten the exercise time, avoid all kinds of water sports, avoid fierce competitions and other sports that may cause heart rate acceleration.

The above is the analysis on the topic of jogging on the first few days of the menstrual period. If you want to exercise during the menstrual period, you should do the above precautions. As a result, you should not do vigorous exercise during the menstrual period to avoid any accidents. This is not good. Proper exercise during the menstrual period is available, and you should adhere to it, only on the premise of ensuring your health.

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