Is it OK to jog during menstruation

If a female friend’s body is in the menstrual period, we all know that there are many things that can’t be done. Otherwise, menstruation and physical health may be damaged to a certain extent. So in the final analysis, we must be clear about whether it can be done. Can we jog in the menstrual period?

Is it OK to jog during menstruation

In fact, whether or not we can jog during menstruation depends on the specific situation. If we do not have any discomfort during menstruation, we can carry out appropriate jogging exercises. In this way, the speed of blood circulation can be accelerated, and it can also help the uterine part to effectively eliminate blood and toxins. Therefore, for female friends who are normal during menstruation, they can carry out appropriate jogging exercises. For different women, they have different menstrual manifestations. If there is no obvious dysmenorrhea or gastrointestinal discomfort, and there is no abnormality in monthly menstrual volume, proper running can not only accelerate blood circulation, It also has a preventive effect on mild menstrual migraine, but it is necessary to master the time of jogging and not run too long to avoid adverse effects.

If a female friend is obviously uncomfortable during menstruation, jogging practice is not allowed. Many women have some obvious uncomfortable symptoms during menstruation, such as excessive menstruation, severe dysmenorrhea, and some women have functional uterine bleeding. In this case, jogging practice is not allowed, and other sports are not allowed, Otherwise, it is easy to increase the burden on the pelvic cavity and aggravate the uncomfortable symptoms. Therefore, it is best to have a rest at this time.

Can I jog during my period? Jogging is a very common sport in our life. It is very suitable for most people, but some people are not suitable. The related content about whether jogging during menstruation is OK has been described in detail above. I hope it can help you.

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