Help lose weight, quit smoking, reduce the risk of stroke… You should really understand these benefits of weightlifting!

Many girls want to lose weight and exercise. They will choose running, swimming, aerobics and other sports, but avoid weight lifting because they are afraid of practicing strong muscles like professional athletes.

In fact, you are too worried.

Ordinary people are inferior to athletes in terms of training time and intensity, and muscles will not form easily. In addition, lifting dumbbells every week has many benefits:

① throw away more fat

American scientists have proved the effect of weight lifting on weight loss through an experiment. The researchers divided obese women into two groups: one group only asked for dieting to lose weight, and the other group practiced weight lifting (20 minutes a day) while dieting, and tested the effect two weeks later. Two weeks later: both groups lost an average of 5.9kg, but the heavy lifting group not only lost fat, but also gained nearly 0.7kg of muscle, while the women in the diet group lost both fat and muscle.

If women can spare 2-3 days a week for 20-30 minutes of weight training each time, they will not make you a muscular woman with strong arms, but will help your body maintain the speed of metabolism and achieve the goal of real weight loss.

② fat people can slim their arms.

A study by the University of Wisconsin in the United States found that after retraining the three major muscle groups of the body, the metabolism of ordinary people will accelerate in the next two days. During this period, compared with those without retraining, they will burn a large part of calories from fat.

Therefore, thin people can promote muscle development, increase the strength of their arms and become strong through weight lifting. Therefore, the width of their arms may be increased, but this is a manifestation of their physical health. Fat people can reduce excess fat in their arms by lifting weights, burn more calories, and let you say bye bye to meat.

③ make clothes fit better

According to a study in the American Journal of clinical nutrition, even people who have maintained a balanced weight for 38 years will lose 1.5 kilograms of muscle every 10 years and replace it with the same fat, which will occupy more body space than muscle. In this way, your waist circumference, arm circumference and thigh circumference will increase, and your whole body will look loose.

Fortunately, lifting weights can help you avoid this fate. Continuous weight training can reduce some fat and turn some fat into muscle, so that you won’t get fat when you wear clothes, which is full of embarrassment.

④ promote bone health

Weightlifting has a strong timeliness in strengthening physique and developing muscle strength. Bone will be lost with age, and bone loss in any part of the body will cause health problems. For example, bone loss in the spine can cause severe hunchback, but weight lifting can prevent or even reverse this situation.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that 16 weeks of strength training can increase hip bone density and 90% of osteocalcin (an indicator of bone growth) in the blood. Through strength training such as weightlifting, people can not only promote the development of skeletal muscle, but also help to strengthen the firmness of soft tissues and joints.

⑤ healthier heart

Weightlifting has a positive effect on blood pressure, which can promote blood circulation. Researchers from Appalachian State University in North Carolina compared the effects of two types of moderate intensity exercise on blood vessels. One type of exercise is 10 groups of 8 times of resistance training, and the other type of exercise is 30 minutes of aerobic cycling. The results showed that after resistance training, the lower blood pressure level remained longer. Therefore, it is concluded that resistance training such as dumbbell lifting can increase blood flow of limbs and protect cardiovascular health.

⑥ increase happiness index

Generally speaking, exercise can raise the level of serotonin and increase our happiness index. According to researchers from the University of Alabama in the United States, strength training three times a week for six consecutive months can significantly reduce the “emotional and anger measurement scores” of ordinary people, improve the anger management ability of trainers and improve the overall mood.

⑦ increase body softness

The older you get, the more difficult it will be to do squatting, bending and other physical exercises. However, a study published in International Sports Medicine found that if you do full-body strength training three times a week and maintain it for 16 weeks, the softness of your hips and shoulders will be significantly improved, the forward bending performance of sitting posture will increase by 11%, and your body balance will also become better.

⑧ it will help you quit smoking

A study published in the Journal of nicotine and tobacco research in 2011 found that smokers who regularly carry out strength training such as weight lifting can improve the success rate of quitting smoking by two times. The researchers randomly divided 25 participants into two groups. One group of participants carried out strength training twice a week, such as lifting dumbbells and doing push ups, for 1 hour each time for 12 weeks. The other group did weight training irregularly.

After 12 weeks, it was found that not only 16% of the participants who trained regularly every week successfully quit smoking, but also they lost weight and body fat. In the other group, only 8% of the participants successfully quit smoking, and their weight and body fat increased.

⑨ improve your sexual ability

Testosterone levels in men usually begin to decline after the age of 30. Low levels of testosterone can lead to erectile dysfunction and lead to more serious diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Because muscle volume and strength are closely related to testosterone secretion, weight lifting, which can most increase muscle volume and strength, has become the best way to improve sexual ability.

Weightlifting mainly exercises the muscle strength of shoulder, upper back and arm. It is a kind of “high load” muscle training, which can activate and improve the level of androgen receptor. At the same time, weight lifting can also reduce weight, which can help “sex” and increase potential sexual ability.

⑨ reduce the risk of cancer deterioration

The Journal of clinical oncology published a study by the University of Pennsylvania. In this study, 295 breast cancer survivors without metastasis were selected. The patients in the test group received gradually strengthened weight training twice a week, and the control group was the standard nursing group. A 10% decrease in somatic function after 12 months was defined as deterioration of somatic function.

The results showed that the rate of physical function deterioration was 8.1% (12 / 148) in the test group and 16.3% (24 / 147) in the control group. Therefore, compared with standard nursing, slowly strengthening weight training can significantly reduce the risk of physical function deterioration in breast cancer survivors.

list the basic movements of dumbbell exercises

First of all, we should choose dumbbells with appropriate weight according to our own bearing capacity, and it is best to start with small models. Secondly, in the process of practice, the upper body should be kept upright, the shoulders and waist should not rotate with the movement of the arms, and the legs should also be straight.

lateral flexion: spread your feet shoulder wide, hold dumbbells, place them on the outside of your thighs, and punch your eyes forward. Perform 40-60 bends to the left and right in succession. When practicing, both legs should be straight, and the waist should not be bent forward. When the right arm is lifted up and the elbow is bent, the left arm should be extended to the small leg position as far as possible.

body loop: spread your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, hold dumbbells, place them on the outside of your thighs, and face each other with your fists and eyes. Continuously make the loop from left to right for 10-15 times, and then make the body loop in the opposite direction for 10-15 times.

bend elbows with Bells: stand with feet at shoulder level, hold dumbbells in front of your thighs, punch eyes facing outward, and bend elbows alternately for 20-60 times.

body side loop: spread your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, hold dumbbells, place them on the outside of your chest, slightly raise your palms, and slightly bend your elbows. The two arms alternately (simultaneously) loop from inside to outside (from outside to inside) 20-60 times,

bend forward and backward: spread your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, hold dumbbells, place them behind your neck, and move your elbows slightly forward. Do 20-60 times of backward flexion in advance.

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