Ambiguous little moves make men fantasize

Will you be proud of your cleverness and personality? Catching a man depends not only on knowing and answering questions, but also on having your own personality. Such a woman is the most attractive!

proper diligence, thrift and hardship

The reason why we put crowded buses in the first place is that they embody the greatest characteristics of traditional Chinese women: diligence, thrift and hard work. Of course, there is a certain limit to diligence and thrift. It is definitely not to force yourself to drink a bowl of soup for 5 cents in order to buy a car. Proper diligence and frugality will make you happy and simple.

keep reading

The greatest advantage of reading is to gain unknown knowledge and skills, accept the experience and lessons of others, improve personal quality and recuperate.

Gorky said: “books are the ladder of human progress.” The most loyal lover of a single woman should be books. Take books as a ladder for her progress. Only when she is old enough to learn can she always maintain her charm and be out of touch with different times.

work hard

The most basic need of work is to earn living expenses, support oneself and supplement family. However, now more single women work hard in order to release their maximum value, gain recognition and self-improvement through continuous progress and achievements. They are in sharp contrast to those women who give up their jobs and enter the family. They are more independent and independent, creating value for the society, and they are the beautiful scenery of the city streets.


As we all know, exercise can maintain a soft and beautiful curve, strengthen the body, cultivate a lively and active character, and build a cheerful and open-minded mood. There is a slogan in the new era that “you are beautiful when you sweat”. We don’t care whether it is accurate or not. After all, the benefits it brings are far greater than the losses.

non cohabitation

Cohabiting women think that cohabitation can strengthen love and bring marriage. It’s a big mistake. Women who do not live together have their own jobs, their own pursuits, and a warm circle of friends… Just imagine how beautiful a woman without marriage protection can be if she does chores all day long?

do not bubble the net

Surfing the Internet is a matter that is closely related to people’s lives in this century. Some Internet companies have also issued the slogan “sisters, go online” to attract women to browse their own web pages. According to a survey, 75% of people use the Internet mainly for chatting in addition to inquiring about information, which leads to the failure of surfing the Internet: money loss, glory passing, missing the scenery around, walking into illusion, and being disconnected from life.

slap a man in the face

I have seen a pair of quarreling men and women standing on the street angrily, swaying in the curious eyes of passers-by. Women raise their big or small or tender or thick palms, draw a beautiful parabola in the air, and “pop” on the left or right face of men. No matter who is right or who is wrong, the girl’s natural and unrestrained feat makes passers-by eager to give birth to several hands and drum out loud and consistent palms.

moderately strong

A book said that “modern men prefer the competitive woman like Katerina in Moscow does not believe in tears”. Although women are not born weak, they are softer and weaker than men. Therefore, when others know that it is difficult for you to do this, and look at your strength to do it, your youthful and stubborn beauty will be vividly displayed in front of them.

act coquettish moderately

On the contrary to being moderately strong, acting coquettish should also be moderate and charming. As long as you show your unique charm in front of your lover, he will be knocked down by your charming demeanor, so as to obtain psychological satisfaction.

don’t be mean to yourself

Some divorced women often complain that “I used to be too stupid. I didn’t want to eat or wear to earn money. I didn’t want to spend hundreds of yuan to buy clothes for him. I never wore more than 100 clothes: I planned the future for my family, but I didn’t leave a way for myself…”

Single women have no obligation to do their duty for their families and lovers. They should eat what they should eat and wear what they should wear. You know, no one in the world loves you more than you. If you are not good to yourself, who will be good to you?

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