Seven ways to boost immunity

Your immune system determines your health. As soon as the temperature changes, it will become weak; When the flu comes, it is the first to bear the brunt. I can’t sleep well at night and wake up in the morning… These are all caused by immunity. In particular, winter is a season of frequent influenza, so it is urgent to improve our own immunity!

method 1: keep a good mood every day

Research has found that human immunity is closely related to emotions, and happy people are more likely to have good immunity than depressed people.

This is because a good mood can make the brain secrete some healthy chemicals, activate the immune function of the human body, and inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Anxiety and pessimism will affect the immune system and endocrine system, resulting in the decline of human immunity, even disorder, and susceptibility to colds and other diseases.

Therefore, to enhance immunity, remember to keep a good mood every day.

method 2: stick to exercise and don’t fatigue

Sports medicine research has proved that constant physical exercise can significantly enhance the immune function of the human body.

When people are doing physical exercise, their muscles and bones will be moved, their organs will be more active, their metabolism will be vigorous, their blood circulation will be accelerated, their hematopoietic function will be strengthened, and the vitality of the immune system will be enhanced, so that more immune cells and immune factors will be produced in the body and their activities will be enhanced.

At the same time, physical exercise can also ease psychological tension, reduce psychological pressure, eliminate mental fatigue, and stabilize emotions. In this way, we can effectively improve the cellular and humoral immunity of the body and reduce the occurrence of various diseases.

However, exercise must be scientific and appropriate. Excessive exercise will make the body in a state of excessive fatigue, which will have a negative impact on the body’s resistance. Experts recommend that you exercise 3-5 times a week, more than 30 minutes each time, and the intensity should not be too tired.

method 3: sleeping more is better than sleeping well.

Sleep can prevent functional failure caused by excessive consumption of brain nerve cells, and is conducive to the recovery of spirit and physical strength and energy storage.

Medical research has confirmed that sleep can also improve the immune function of the body, enhance the disease resistance, and be conducive to the improvement and recovery of diseases. However, don’t stick to the eight hour sleep rule every day. The measurement of “good sleep” is not time, but quality.

If you feel energetic and happy when you wake up every morning, you have slept well. If you want to improve the quality of sleep, you must create a good sleep environment, such as reducing noise interference, maintaining a suitable indoor temperature, and avoiding strong light exposure.

In addition, soaking feet in hot water or eating a small amount of warm milk before sleep can also promote sleep.

method 4: Daily drinking eating and nutrition should be balanced

Studies have proved that a nutritionally balanced diet has a very positive effect on improving human immune function.

People should pay attention to eating fish, lean meat, milk, eggs, soybeans and their products, which are rich in protein;

Tomatoes, carrots, leeks, garlic, Chinese cabbage, red dates, strawberries and other fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C, a, B1, B2 and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. Eating more of the above foods properly is beneficial to promoting the activities of the immune system and enhancing disease resistance.

method 5: massage frequently to promote circulation

Massage can really improve immunity.

Massage can prevent lymphatic blockage and keep the immune system unblocked. Massage can reduce cortisol in the blood by up to 53%.

What is cortisol? It can be the main killer of weakened immunity. Immunologists point out that massage can eliminate fatigue and tension, relax the body, and reduce stress hormones.

A study found that after receiving 45 minutes of massage every day, the number of immune cells increased and the immune function improved significantly one month later.

Whether it is a professional massage or a simple back massage between you and him, it has a magical effect of improving immunity and helping you stabilize your mood.

method 6: quit smoking, limit alcohol and drink more water

Medical evidence shows that tobacco contains more than 30 kinds of substances harmful to human body. When smoking, the blood vessels of human body are prone to spasm, the blood supply of local organs is reduced, and the supply of nutrients and oxygen is reduced. In particular, the respiratory mucosa is not supplied with oxygen and nutrients, and the disease resistance is also reduced. Therefore, if you want to improve your immunity and prevent infectious diseases, you must quit smoking.

Drinking less is good for health. Drinking too much, getting drunk and drinking too much will weaken the immune function of the human body. Therefore, drinking must be strictly restricted. Even if drinking wine can reduce cholesterol, it should be limited to 1 cup per day. Excessive drinking will cause great damage to blood, heart and other organs.

Water is an important medium for human life activities. Lack of water will cause human fatigue and reduced immunity. At this time, it is necessary to supplement water. Drinking more water can keep the mucosa in the mouth and nose moist, so as to effectively play the function of catching bacteria. Drinking more water will also make you feel more energetic.

method 7: do not abuse antibiotics

Some people blindly believe that antibiotics can cure all diseases.

In fact, abusing antibiotics is not only useless, but also destroys our own immune system. Long term and repeated irregular use of antibiotics will lead to Dysbiosis of human flora and secondary infection, reduce the body’s resistance, do harm to hearing, liver, kidney, etc., and produce allergic and toxic reactions.

Therefore, when you are sick, you should follow the doctor’s advice to take antibiotics, and do not use them indiscriminately.

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