How to buy Yoga balls

1. How to buy Yoga balls

See if the specifications and models of Yoga balls are appropriate

Yoga balls with a diameter of 65cm are suitable for those below 170cm; Yoga balls with a diameter of 75cm are suitable for those who are over 170cm tall.

See if the material of the yoga ball is safe and non-toxic

The safety of using fitness equipment is the first. The material of Yoga balls should be PVC non-toxic. We can tell by smell. Those using high-quality raw materials have no peculiar smell, while those using low-quality toxic raw materials have a pungent plastic smell. You must not buy them. In addition, whether it passes the GS certification of TUV test can also indicate whether its material is harmful to human body.

Check whether the yoga ball is pressure resistant and explosion-proof

The upper pressure limit of the yoga ball should be about 300kg, even if a very heavy person presses on it, there will be no obvious deformation, the spherical surface is round, and there should be no defects such as bulges; Inferior Yoga balls may even explode under pressure. The anti riot Yoga balls are all rough. Don’t choose the ones with very bright surfaces.

Look at the feel of the yoga ball

The surface of the yoga ball should be delicate, soft and elastic. The better the feel, the better the foaming technology of its production process. The smaller the foaming technology, the softer and more delicate the surface of the yoga ball.

2. Benefits of Yoga balls

It is suitable for almost all people to exercise, including those who need rehabilitation treatment.

Its fitness effect is good, especially for the exercise of spine and pelvis.

It has a good auxiliary injury recovery and rehabilitation function, and is especially effective for low back diseases.

And it is safer and less prone to injury during exercise.

At the same time, it can gradually restore and improve people’s flexibility and balance, and has the function of adjusting posture and heart and lungs.

It also has the effect of slimming: it is especially suitable for sisters with overweight abdomen, thick hands and legs. With the help of simple yoga exercises, it can help you shape a perfect image.

3. Yoga ball for people

The weight of ordinary people can be borne by yoga balls, because when we exercise, we don’t press all the weight on the Yoga balls, it only carries a part of the weight. Our body and the ball generate a force against each other. While the Yoga balls let us relax and sink, our body will also have its own strength to rise, and at the same time, it will tighten the muscles and wrap the bones to protect our body.

What are the fitness movements of Yoga balls

1. Lift the ball flat to your chest and rotate your upper body. This action can be stretched to the arms, waist, hips and legs, from slow to fast, which is a warm-up action for the whole set of ball exercises. Action points: both hands must hold the small ball flat in front of the chest. If both arms droop, it will not produce a good movement effect.

2. Jump with two feet, holding the ball in circles in the air. The main purpose of the movement is to stretch the body, stretch the muscles of the whole body as much as possible, and exercise the abdomen at the same time. Action points: try to stretch your body to the maximum extent, otherwise the effect will not be significant.

3. This action adds Latin style dance steps, holding the ball in one hand and gently tapping the hip in the other hand. It combines Latin boldness and charm. It is very interesting to jump. The small ball gently hits the hip. It is said to have the effect of relaxing muscles. Action points: keep your hands as close to your body as possible.

4. Put your hands on your hips, clamp the small yoga ball between your big legs, and open and close it. This action needs to maintain a high balance of the body. The angle of clamping the ball should be the standard 90 degrees. Although the action is difficult, the effect of raising the buttocks is remarkable! Action points: do the split leg movement slowly to keep the body stable and balanced.

5. This is done on a yoga mat. Lie flat on the yoga mat, do the leg lifting action, and reach your knees with the yoga ball in your hand. When you reach your knees, put your legs down and raise your arms. Movements not only exercise your abdomen, but also exercise the muscles in your arms. Action points: straighten the flat leg.

How to use yoga balls

When you buy fitness balls, you will be equipped with one or more inflatable devices. Inflating a fitness ball is like inflating a basketball or a bicycle. It is inflated according to the size of the ball. If the air is too strong, it can be released to adjust the hardness of the ball, which is mainly adjusted according to the needs of the practitioner. The specific steps are as follows.

1. After getting the yoga ball, you should first stretch it out, find the “white air plug” on the ball and pull it out.

2. Then insert the small “gas needle” of the “double headed foot pumping bully” into the air hole on the ball to directly pump gas.

3. If you feel that the ball is almost the same during the pumping process, you can tap it with your hand. If it makes a banging sound, it is almost the same. Those who don’t like to be too full can relax properly.

4. After pumping, plug the air plug back quickly. This way, the ball can be used normally

5. When you feel that the ball occupies a position after use, you can pull out the plug, and when the gas is almost exhausted, you can use an air pump to pump air. Then roll it up and wait for the next use.

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