What are the functions of Yoga balls

1. What are the functions of Yoga balls

Yoga ball is suitable for all people to exercise, including those who need rehabilitation treatment. It makes the exerciser safer during exercise, avoids strong impact on joints, and avoids sports injuries.

Yoga ball is very interesting. Yoga ball exercises have changed the previous pattern of training, allowing athletes to play with the ball accompanied by warm and unrestrained music. Athletes sometimes sit on the ball and sometimes lift the ball to do jumping. These interesting movements make the whole process very entertaining.

Yoga ball exercise helps to train the balance ability of the human body.

Yoga ball has massage function. When the human body is in contact with it, the internally inflated yoga ball will evenly stroke the contact part of the human body to produce a massage effect, which is beneficial to promoting blood circulation.

Correct your sitting posture. When you sit on the ball, your body does not relax. Your back, hips, knees and other parts are still making subtle adjustments to keep yourself balanced.

Yoga balls combine elasticity and rolling to act on the whole body, so as to rebound a part of the force and avoid injury. It also includes yoga’s extension, strength, endurance and yoga’s mechanism. It does not need a special market, is simple and easy to learn, and is more suitable for physical exercise of all kinds of people.

2. Yoga ball selection criteria

Selection of Yoga balls: size according to the diameter of the ball: 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, etc. Choose the ball with ideal weight and size according to individual weight and height.

The colors of Yoga balls available on the market include blue, red and gray, which can be selected according to individual preferences.

Men should choose a little larger and women should choose a little smaller.

3. How much is a yoga ball inflated

Generally speaking, the yoga ball can be filled with eight achievements, so that the yoga ball is flexible and convenient for us to do the Yoga action of clamping and grasping. In fact, inflating a fitness ball is the same method as inflating a basketball or bicycle tire. Special inflation equipment is used to inflate according to the size of the ball. If the air is too full, the yoga ball will become very hard, which is not conducive to practice and maintenance of the yoga ball. Therefore, part of the air can be released to adjust the hardness of the ball, which is mainly adjusted according to the practice needs and habits of the practitioners.

How to practice yoga with a yoga ball

1. Standing posture: keep your thighs straight. Exercise the legs, eliminate the excess fat in the legs, and make the body lines more beautiful.

2. Raise your hands to grasp the big bamboo pose: mainly to maintain a sense of balance, and pay attention to firmly grasping the ground with the soles of your feet. The effect is to stretch the legs and make the legs more slender.

3. Angle pose: make your legs in a straight horse shape, press the ball with both hands, relax your legs as much as possible, keep your back in a straight line and your toes upward. It can tighten the muscles in the inner thigh, massage the uterus, and improve menstruation.

4. Triangle on the ball: sit on the top of the fitness ball with your legs separated, with your body bent to the right, and your right hand on your calf or instep. The effect is to eliminate excess fat in the waist and arm.

5. One leg wheel pose: mainly on both hands and legs. This posture can stimulate the balance area of the brain and enhance the balance of the body, which is good for the nervous system, digestive system, heart, blood vessels, respiratory system and glandular system.

6. Foot ball: lie flat with your hands on your sides and your heels on the ball. Hips and back should be fully raised, but shoulders should be close to the ground.

7. Stretch your legs: lie flat with your legs straight and your heels on the ball. Lift up your right leg, straighten your feet, and keep as close to your face as possible. After reaching the limit, keep it for 20 seconds. Do not bend both knees during this process. Repeat for the left leg.

Cleaning method of yoga ball

1. Because of the shape and model of the fitness ball, its storage has become a difficult problem for many gyms. One way is to breathe directly after use and put it in the original ball box. Don’t put it in a hot place.

2. Another way is to buy a net and put the ball in the net. If it is a gym, the best way is to install a pole about 40cm away from the wall and balanced on the wall at the height that your hands can reach around the gym, so that the ball will not occupy the ground.

3. When cleaning the fitness ball, clean the surface of the ball with clean water or soapy water. Do not use chemical solvents, which will destroy the surface of the ball. For the comfort of the trainer and cleaning reasons, the ball should be cleaned regularly, because the surface of the ball is often in contact with the floor. In order to prolong the life of the ball, the floor of the room should be kept clean and sharp objects should be removed.

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