Yoga weight loss method

1. Yoga weight loss method: leg lift

Weight loss focus: abdomen and buttocks

Lift your legs and slim your abdomen and buttocks

Action: sit on the stairs (beside the bed and the hard chair), put your feet on the ground, grasp the edge of the stairs, and lift your legs to the same height as your hips. Keep your posture and press your feet together. Put your feet down and go back to the starting position. Repeat 5 ~ 10 times.

2. Yoga weight loss method: arch bridge

Weight loss focus: arms, abdomen, back and legs

Arch bridge Yoga thin limbs

Action: lie on your stomach, straighten your back, support your body with your forearms and toes, and align your neck with your back. Lift your hips up so that your body is in an inverted V shape with your head between your arms. Keep your posture relaxed. Slowly return to action a. Repeat 5-10 times.

3. Yoga weight loss method: press down

Weight loss focus: waist and abdomen

Press down yoga to slim your waist and abdomen

Action: face down, lie on the bench (edge of the bed), put your left foot on the ground, put the tip of your left foot on a vertical line with your shoulder, extend your right leg backward, straighten out your chest, and support your body with both hands.

4. Yoga weight loss method: step on the ball to top the hip

Lie on your back, step on the yoga ball with your feet, and control the yoga ball so that it doesn’t move around. Tighten the hips, lift the hips and back, bend the knees at 90 °, slowly lift the body upward, and push the hips upward. Exhale when retracting, inhale when restoring, don’t hold your breath. 4-5 groups are recommended. 20-25 for each group.

5. Yoga weight loss method: cross from left to right

Lie on your back with your legs straight. Pull up your left leg with your abdomen, straighten your toes, and lift your right hand to touch your left foot. Exhale when retracting, inhale when restoring, don’t hold your breath. 4-5 groups are recommended. 20-25 for each group.

6. Yoga weight loss method: back wall leg press

Fold the cushion in half and thicken it by one layer to avoid hurting the kneecap. Kneel down on the right leg and support the knee on the cushion. The support point is 20cm away from the wall. Straighten the right foot and turn it up, with the toe against the wall. Bend your left leg and press down on our hips. We should feel that our hip joints are constantly stretching. Put your left hand on your left leg, cross your right hand, straighten your upper body, pull your stomach inward, stretch your upper body upward, keep 5 breaths, slowly put down your leg, and then change your left leg to repeat the exercise.

Who is the best person to practice yoga

Eager Dieter

The weight loss effect of yoga has been universally certified, otherwise it would not be popularized to all countries in the world at such a rapid speed. Yoga’s weight loss is a healthy and self disciplined lifestyle, which replaces the lifestyle habits that would have caused the body to get fat. Therefore, you may not need to go through a painful dieting process, eat drugs that hurt your body, or even deliberately care about weight loss. You will lose weight in a happy and peaceful state of mind.

People suffering from certain chronic diseases

From diabetes, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, hypertension and other diseases affecting life safety to sinusitis, chronic gastritis, anemia, waist and shoulder pain and other common discomfort in life, yoga can be alleviated and cured. Therefore, when many people emphasize the role of yoga in weight loss, and when many young women compete to practice yoga, I prefer that middle-aged and old women (not limited to women) who enter menopause or their later years practice yoga.

A person who is stressed and yearns for peace

Stress and anxiety, it is impossible to avoid these two problems in the fast-paced modern life. However, emotions can be channeled. In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a saying that “sorrow overcomes anger, anger overcomes thought, and thought overcomes fear”. That is to say, emotions are mutually complementary and can be channeled through this mutually exclusive relationship. For example, when you are angry, you can calm down your anger by thinking about a sad thing and reduce the impact of bad emotions on your body. Stress and anxiety can also be relieved. Through yoga asana, meditation, breathing, and the lifestyle it advocates, it can help us to treat life calmly and optimistically.

What should I prepare for Yoga

1. Yoga Mat

It can be said that this is an essential thing. It will be expensive to buy in the club, but the quality is guaranteed. You can order one online. It is recommended not to be too greedy for cheap, and you can get everything for every penny.

2. Yoga blanket

When used with yoga mats, sometimes we worry that yoga mats are easy to get dirty, because you put them on the floor, sometimes you don’t know which side has been used, and there will be dust after long-term storage, so we need a yoga blanket.

3. Yoga clothes

Because the scale of some movements is relatively large when doing yoga, we need a more comfortable uniform. If you don’t have one, you can also wear casual loose ones.

4. Yoga ball

Some movements may be difficult and need to be completed with the help of Yoga balls, especially when exercising our waist movements. If you want to learn yoga more deeply, it is best to have this.

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