Eight sleeping details determine whether you become beautiful or ugly!

Are there a group of people around you who go to bed later and get up earlier than you, but are as energetic as chicken blood every day, and you don’t sleep enough every day, and the more you look, the more haggard you become? This may be related to the following sleeping details!

(8 sleeping details determine whether you become beautiful or ugly!)

1. Sleep against the wind

The ancients believed that “wind is the strength of all kinds of diseases, and good deeds change many times; those who are good at regulating are not good at the wind and lying in the dew in the midsummer.” When sleeping, the human body’s adaptability to environmental changes is reduced, and it is easy to catch cold and get sick when sleeping against the wind. Therefore, the sleeping place should avoid the wind outlet, and the bed should keep a certain distance from the window and door.

2. Sleep relative to each other

Some families, such as husband and wife, father and son, often sleep opposite each other. This will lead to the fact that most of the gas inhaled by one party is the exhaust gas exhaled by the other party, the brain lacks fresh oxygen or the oxygen supply is insufficient, and it is also easy to cause insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness, weakness and mental depression after waking up. In addition, because everyone’s sleeping habits are different, kicking the quilt and snoring are easy to cause the quilt to fall off, and sleeping relatively will eventually cause both of them to catch cold and affect sleep.

3. Sleep on your stomach

Tired of reading, lie down on the table and sleep for a while, or some office workers sleep with their hands under their heads during their lunch break. In addition to affecting blood circulation, causing numbness and pain in the upper limbs, it is also easy to increase the pressure in the abdomen, and over time, it will also produce “reflux esophagitis”. It causes indigestion and affects the intake of nutrients in the whole body. As time goes by, you look withered.

4. Sleep with your head covered

Many people like to sleep with their heads covered, which is very harmful to the brain. I like to sleep with my head covered by a quilt, but I don’t know that it is easy to cause breathing difficulties. As the concentration of carbon dioxide in the quilt increases, the concentration of oxygen continues to decrease, and breathing humid air for a long time is very harmful to the brain. For a long time, it will lead to hypoxia, resulting in poor sleep and nightmares. After waking up, you will feel dizzy, weak and spiritless.

5. Wear accessories to sleep

Some women do not have the habit of removing ornaments when they sleep, which is very dangerous. First, some ornaments are metal, which will wear the skin for a long time, unknowingly causing chronic absorption and accumulation poisoning (such as aluminum poisoning); Second, some decorations with luminous effect will produce radium radiation, which is weak but can lead to adverse consequences if accumulated for a long time; Third, sleeping with ornaments will hinder the circulation of the body, which is harmful to metabolism. This is also the reason why local skin with ornaments is easy to age.

6. Wear bra to sleep

Bras are protective to breasts, but wearing bras to sleep will attract diseases, especially induce breast tumors. Expert studies have found that women who wear bras for more than 17 hours a day have a risk of breast cancer that is more than 20 times higher than those who wear bras or do not wear bras for a short time. This is because the breasts are under pressure for a long time, the lymphatic reflux is blocked, and harmful substances stay in the breasts.

7. Fall asleep slightly drunk

With the change of life style, the nightlife of young women nowadays is more abundant, especially some professional women who have more social engagements often fall asleep with a slight intoxication. According to medical research, it is easy to asphyxiate after drinking alcohol before going to bed, generally about twice a night, and each asphyxiation lasts for about 10 minutes. For a long time, people are prone to heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases.

8. Sleep off your shoulders

When sleeping, you can feel very cool by exposing your shoulders outside the quilt. Little do you know that wind and cold can easily invade your shoulder joints, resulting in stagnation of blood and Qi in local meridians and joints, which is not easy to circulate, causing rheumatism, arthritis, joint soreness and pain. It is also easy to cause colds, runny nose, poor breathing, dizziness and headache due to wind cold.

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