Seven details decipher whether a man calls

one of the hidden rules is that if you don’t call in 7 days, you are not interested.

You have a good time talking with the man you like on your first date, but after the date, you get a silence, which makes you very puzzled. Why didn’t he call you? After seven days of silence, maybe you helped him find the following excuse: “he wanted to call me very much, but he lost my number”, “he is really too busy”. Dear, don’t be kind enough to make up an excuse for him, and don’t waste time waiting for him to call you when he suddenly recovers. A man knows the rules of the game better than a woman. If he doesn’t call you within three days, it means that you are not the opposite sex he likes. Within five days, it proves that he doesn’t want to fall in love with you for a long time. In seven days, I’m sorry. He is really not interested in you.

the second hidden rule is that if the reply message exceeds 30 words, there will definitely be a play.

You don’t think that he wants to make full use of the ten cents to say so many words with you happily – this kind of men are usually not good at taking the initiative, but as long as you open your mouth, they will always have time, you need help, and they happen to have friends in this regard. Even your ordinary greeting, he gave his opinion. In addition to replies with more than 30 words, they also like to send you the last sentence with a question mark. As long as you don’t want to end, he can’t wait to send a text message until dawn. Obviously, he wants to get in touch with you further.

the third hidden rule is to often play “evaporation”

Sometimes a man is willing to be aloof from a woman in this way: he conquers you with an attentive and unrestrained attitude, so that you can’t forget his vitality and humor. You can’t help thinking of him, but he doesn’t have time to contact you like evaporation. When he reappears, he is still funny and cute as always. Even if you have heard of his bad reputation, you can’t help believing him. He can deal with anything you say, which makes you feel happy to be with him. Even if he brazenly said that I just like women, you also think that this is his sincere and shining personality.

He is always unique in your emotional world and full of magic. Although sometimes you realize that you are not his only one, you are infatuated with him. Because it’s easy for a man to play both sides. So you must never take it seriously. You must learn to hide your desire and emotion, and keep your mystery. This will make you more attractive. The more urgent the other party is, the more indifferent you should be. Let him worry rather than worry about himself.

the fourth hidden rule: cold treatment of breakup

Why do men choose this way of breaking up? One reason is that it is an easy way to escape. It is undoubtedly painful to break up in person or by phone. Who wants to quarrel – most men don’t want to have emotional confrontation with women. For men, breaking up is countless “why” and tons of women’s tears that can’t be answered at all. They are at a loss about this, so they think it is better for both sides to avoid quarreling. There are also some practical reasons why men are reluctant to break up with women. They leave room for themselves to return to your life when he is lonely. The man knows that as long as the interval is not too long, all he needs to do is apologize for not calling, make some beautiful lies about his recent whereabouts, and then invite her to go out for recreation. In a twinkling of an eye, she will return to his arms. After understanding the hint of breaking up with a man, self-esteem and self love, and never fall in love with such a man again. Always remind yourself that what you need is a man with 100% true feelings, not an old hand in love who can’t move.

the fifth hidden rule is that no commitment will be made vertically or horizontally.

Men are irresponsible and often do not promise easily. A man doesn’t want to be too troublesome. He will try his best to please you and win your favor, but he will never make promises lightly and always leave a way for himself to retreat. When you see signs of irresponsibility from the other party, you should immediately stop your romantic thoughts. You can make friends with him, but you must never have illusions about him. The person who really wants to have a home with you will certainly take you to his home, meet his parents, relatives and friends, and discuss your future dreams and roads with you, instead of just dodging and pretending.

the sixth unspoken rule is that you can be a lover rather than a close friend.

At first, he will be very interested in your life, work and friends, but when he knows everything about you, he wants to distance himself a little, even if he is as distant as a lover. On the contrary, women at this time like to shake every detail with their boyfriends. Don’t let him know your details too much. A woman with a secret is an attractive woman. Do you want him to say “honey, I want to be quiet for a while”, or “baby, tell me something interesting happened to you at work today”?

hidden rule 7: Thank you doesn’t mean I love you.

Women are soft hearted animals, often moved by a man’s kindness. But when a man chooses a woman who is good for him, usually there is no better choice. If you can enjoy your meticulous care, why do you have to live alone? In love, the man who says sorry to you is just to admit that he is wrong, and the man who says thanks just wants you to know that he has received your love.

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