Function of hot yoga

1. The role of hot yoga is to promote the enhancement of heart function

Under high temperature, the heart rate of the human body will increase and the blood circulation will speed up, which can not only promote the enhancement of the heart function, but also help the body to detoxify. In addition, various yoga movements can squeeze and stimulate internal organs, so that the whole body can move together.

2. The function of hot yoga is to enhance digestion

In a high-temperature room of nearly 40 degrees Celsius, the imitation of natural things and static practice can further enhance digestion and excretion, which is also a test and exercise for patience.

3. The function of hot yoga is to lose weight and detoxify

Our muscles and tendons are usually relatively rigid in normal temperature environment, but they will become more flexible and surprisingly flexible in high temperature environment, which can reduce some physical injuries to practitioners. The high-temperature environment can make the practitioner sweat a lot, consume a lot of heat, and also take away the toxins in the body, so that the body can be purified and the blood circulation can be accelerated. Therefore, the goal of losing weight and detoxifying can be achieved.

4. The function of hot yoga is to reduce physical discomfort

High temperature yoga can improve the softness of the spine by training the flexibility of the human body. Its action of squeezing the cervical vertebrae in the opposite direction can also relax the muscles and activate blood circulation, effectively alleviate migraine, cervical pain and other diseases, which is of great benefit to white-collar workers who often sit in the Office. In addition, people who are depressed, nervous and stressed can also relieve these symptoms through hot yoga, so as to relax their body and mind, effectively treat depression, and make their body and mind healthy.

Who is not suitable for hot yoga

1. Patients with heart disease and high blood pressure are not suitable for practicing hot yoga. The high-temperature environment and the state of exercise will accelerate the blood circulation in the body, make the heartbeat easy to accelerate, and increase the blood pressure. This is very dangerous for people with heart disease and hypertension.

2. People with kidney disease, diabetes, dysentery and serious eye and ear diseases are only suitable for exercise with less exercise. The greater the exercise, the faster the heartbeat and pulse rate, and aggravate the disease. The amount of hot yoga exercise is large, and the blood circulation is accelerated under the high temperature environment, and the beating speed of the heart is also accelerated, which is not conducive to the recovery of patients.

3. When you have a cold, fever, abdominal pain or serious fatigue, the human body needs to supplement a lot of water. In hot yoga, the body loses water quickly. People practicing high-temperature yoga in these four states can easily lead to dehydration and aggravation of the disease, so it is also not suitable for practicing hot yoga.

4. Beginners of yoga are not suitable for practicing hot yoga. Because beginners don’t know much about yoga, they don’t know how to control their practice intensity. The intensity of yoga practice in high temperature is high, which is easy to hurt beginners.

What are the precautions for practicing hot yoga

1. High temperature Yoga has high requirements for air. When creating a high temperature Yoga environment at home, we should keep the indoor air well circulated, because high temperature environment will make the human body sweat a lot. If the ventilation is not good, the human body is easy to dehydrate. It is better to open another air humidifier to exercise in a high temperature, high humidity and air circulation environment.

2. Before doing yoga, first do some small stretching and twisting, which can increase the elasticity of muscles, ligaments and tendons, so as to prevent muscle and ligament injuries caused by sudden exercise. If you feel dizziness, nausea and other discomfort during practice, you should immediately stop, enter a normal temperature environment, and rest in a place with relatively good air circulation.

3. The high temperature environment accelerates people’s metabolism, which is a kind of consumption in itself. It is recommended to do less strength yoga movements. At this time, you can choose some primary movements to practice, such as half moon, eagle, camel, etc., which can reduce weight and detoxify in a high-temperature environment.

4. If you practice yoga under high temperature, your body will consume a lot of water. If you don’t drink enough, your body will feel uncomfortable. In general, you should supplement water before practicing yoga to prevent serious water loss. You should also eat foods that are easy to digest, such as fruit, milk, bread, etc. don’t eat foods that are difficult to digest, such as ham sausage and beef.

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