Oh, my God! A glass of water can cure seven diseases

When you are sick, will you be angry if your boyfriend says “drink more hot water”? 90% of women will be angry, and Xiaobian belongs to the 10%. Why not be angry? Because drinking water can really cure all kinds of diseases.

1, cold drink water to regulate body temperature

Every time we catch a cold, the doctor will conditionally say “drink more water”, and we will all disdain “I drink water every day, but I am still sick!”. In fact, it’s really good to drink more water when you have a cold. When a person has a cold and fever, the human body cools itself out of the reaction of self-protection function. At this time, there will be sweating, shortness of breath, increased water evaporated from the skin and other metabolic acceleration. At this time, a large amount of water needs to be replenished, and the body will also have thirst.

Moreover, drinking more water can also accelerate the excretion of the body, which is conducive to the regulation of body temperature and the elimination of bacterial toxins in the body!

2. Drink water in the morning to detoxify

Many people know that drinking water in the morning is good for their health, but lemon water, honey water, light salt water, boiled water… Which kind of water is the best? After a night’s metabolism, the garbage in the body needs a strong external effect to help excrete. It is best to keep cool and white without any sugar and nutrients!

If it is sugar water or water with nutrients, it needs time to transform in the body, and it can’t wash our body quickly. Therefore, a cup of clear boiled water in the morning is a magic recipe for detoxification.

3. constipation drink water in big gulps

There are simply two causes of constipation: one is that there is stool in the body, lack of water, and the other is that the intestinal tract and other organs have no excretory power. The former needs to find out the cause and drink more water every day. The latter needs to drink water in big gulps and swallow faster, so that the water can reach the colon as soon as possible, stimulate intestinal peristalsis and promote defecation.

Remember, don’t drink in small mouthfuls, because the water flow is slow, and the water is easily absorbed in the stomach, resulting in urination.

4. Be irritable and drink plenty of water

If a person’s mental state is related to his physiological function, there is a substance that is the hinge connecting them, that is, hormone.

In short, hormones are also divided into two types: one produces pleasure and the other produces pain. Endorphins produced by the brain are called “pleasure hormones”, while adrenaline is often called “pain hormones”. When a person is painful and irritable, adrenaline will soar, but it can also be expelled from the body like other poisons. One way is to drink more water. If you assist in physical labor, adrenaline will be discharged together with sweat. Or cry a lot, adrenaline will also be discharged with tears.

5. heart disease a cup of life-saving water before going to bed

If your heart is bad, you can develop the habit of having a glass of water before bed, which can prevent diseases such as angina pectoris and myocardial infarction that are easy to occur in the early morning. Myocardial infarction and other diseases are caused by high blood viscosity. When a person is asleep, due to sweating, the water in the body is lost, causing the water in the blood to decrease, and the viscosity of the blood will become very high. However, if you drink a glass of water before going to bed, you can reduce the viscosity of blood and reduce the risk of heart attack. Therefore, a cup of water before bed is a cup of life-saving water.

6. Nausea, vomiting with saline

The situation of nausea is complicated. Sometimes it is a protective reaction to bad food. In this case, don’t be afraid of vomiting, because spitting out dirty things can make you feel much better. If it is difficult to vomit, you can use light salt water to induce vomit. Prepare a cup of light salt water and put it on your hand. Drink a few mouthfuls to make the dirt vomit. After spitting out, you can gargle with salt water to have a simple anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, to treat dehydration after severe vomiting, light saline is also a good supplement, which can alleviate the weak state of patients.

7. Sip water to eliminate fatigue

When you do strenuous exercise, the temperature of your body suddenly rises and a large amount of sweat is discharged. At this time, people will feel tired, and proper drinking water is the most urgent care for the body. Water can regulate the normal circulation of blood and tissue fluid, dissolve nutrients, supply physical strength, dissipate heat, regulate body temperature and increase endurance. However, it should be noted that vigorous hydration is taboo during exercise, such as drinking two bottles of drinks at a time, which will further increase the burden on the heart, so it is appropriate to take intermittent and small mouthfuls of hydration during exercise.

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