About whitening, you have to know something. About whitening, you have to know something about Tao

Whitening facial cleanser is not whitening at all

First of all, cleansing products, whitening cleansers, are completely sold. They will never make you white. In such a short skin contact time, your skin can become white. Do you think it is bleach? Therefore, your original facial cleanser is very good to use, and there is no need to spend this money again. As for whitening and Makeup Remover Cream and whitening and makeup remover oil, it’s even more outrageous.

Whitening essence is essential

Whitening essence is the most expensive in the whole set of whitening products, but it is also the most worth buying. The concentration of whitening active ingredients is the highest in the whole series. If you want to get good whitening effect, a whitening essence is essential. And also pay attention to enough dosage, never be stingy.

The effect of whitening lotion is very limited

Most of the makeup water is water, and the functional ingredients in it are quite few, most of them are moisturizing ingredients, and some thickeners will be added to make the makeup water viscous and look more suitable for use in autumn and winter. As for whitening makeup water, some vitamin C ingredients will be added, which can whiten theoretically, but the problem comes. The vitamin C ingredients added to makeup water are extremely unstable and basically lose their efficacy soon, What you use is actually a bottle of ordinary makeup water.

The whitening effect of whitening lotion and whitening face cream is also limited

The concentration of whitening functional ingredients added in whitening lotion and face cream is also very low. If you don’t believe it, you can look at the order of the ingredients list. This is in descending order. According to China’s requirements, ingredients with a concentration of less than 1% can be arranged at will. Therefore, manufacturers will generally arrange the functional ingredients in front. I remember that in the whitening face cream of a French pharmaceutical brand, the whitening ingredients are listed in the penultimate fourth place in the ingredients list, and the whitening effect is just comfort.

Therefore, if you have a lotion or face cream that you like to use before, you don’t need to buy the lotion or face cream in the whitening series. I always think that the skin care effect you want to achieve should be realized by essence. Lotion and face cream can provide basic moisturizing maintenance. Don’t underestimate this basic maintenance, which is not easy to do.

Essence should be sealed and packaged in small mouth bottles instead of wide mouth bottles

As mentioned above, many functional ingredients are easy to be oxidized. Once oxidized, their functionality will be greatly reduced or they will be directly ineffective. Small mouth bottle packaging can better maintain the activity. Now, many brands of whitening essence are packaged in one-time packaging, which can maintain the activity to the maximum extent. But the price will certainly rise with the passing of time.

Many students have a lot of whitening essence trial packages on hand. We may be used to squeezing them into an empty bottle for easy use. Never, it is easy to be oxidized. We should use them one by one in small packages and use them up as soon as possible.

Don’t use high concentration of fruit acid and salicylic acid at home

In fact, this has nothing to do with whitening. I just saw a classmate on Tianya a while ago who said that he used 70% water to lift and sour his skin at home. If there was a problem, he was burned. He dared not go to the hospital for fear of being scolded by his mother. He also said that the seller said there was no problem. I want to ask this classmate, are you stupid? How dare you use 70% water to lift acid at home? Which so-called skin care expert taught you this? Which unscrupulous seller sold it to you? If you don’t hurry to the hospital after being burned, do you want to be disfigured?

Students, you must not learn from her!

I’m so wordy for the time being. I still need to add that we should pay attention to sunscreen. Let’s talk about the rest when we think about it.

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